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30 Pumpkin Tattoos To Celebrate Autumn and Halloween

Pumpkin tattoos are trendy in this period of the year among autumn lovers and Halloween enthusiasts. The pumpkin is the symbol of autumn and it’s beautiful colors. Pumpkins and their seeds represent fertility, abundance, wealth, prosperity, and good luck.

If you love the autumnal season and want to celebrate it by inking your skin, a colored realistic pumpkin tattoo would be a perfect choice.

Pumpkins are also the most famous symbols of Halloween, along with skeletons, ghosts, witches, vampires, black cats, bats, demons, and spiders.

The habit of using carved pumpkins in the shape of illuminated monster heads in the Halloween night comes from ancient Irish traditions.

In Irish folklore, there is a legend that explains the origin of this custom: the story of Jack-o’-lantern. The legend says that a cunning and drunk man named Jack made a pact with Satan, Jack fooling him. After Jack died, his soul was not accepted in heaven because of its cunning, nor in hell because he tricked Satan.

Because it was dark, the demon threw to Jack a burning ash, which he put in a turnip he had with him to illuminate his way between heaven and hell. From that moment, Jack remained forever in the darkness of the two worlds, his spirit endlessly wandering the Earth for a resting place.

From this legend comes the Halloween habit of putting a lit candle in carved pumpkins, reminding of the Jack-o’-lantern. Their purpose is to protect the house from wandering and evil spirits that walk through the world this time of the year.

In tattoo art, creepy Jack-o’-lanterns are certainly the most asked pumpkin tattoos. They highlight the spooky and mysterious ambiance of Halloween.

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