Forest Tattoo

40 Creative Forest Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In Tattoo Designs by Camille Anders

Mysterious space, sanctuary, and labyrinth, the image of the forest holds powerful symbolic meanings and offers great inspiration in tattoo art. A forest tattoo will carry the same meanings as the forest itself. As the forest is abundant in life so its image as a tattoo will symbolize in principal life and rejuvenation.

The forest bears the symbolism of a huge and inexhaustible reservoir of life and mysterious knowledge. It is a mystical element, invested with the attributes of eternity because it has the ability to withstand and regenerate over the seasons.

The nature lovers and romantics consider the forest a place of absolute happiness and serenity, a sanctuary, and the terrestrial paradise in which they can get away.

Forest tattoos can be also rendered in a dark way, with bare trees and creatures of the night, symbolizing a mysterious and dark personality.

The season and the moment of the day offer great expression to a forest tattoo.
Depending on preferences, the image of the forest can be a relaxing picture of trees and animals or it can represent a scary place full of mysteries which can make you feel frightened.

Bellow, we have compiled a selection of the most artistic and creative forest tattoos, from the most colorful ideas to the darkest designs. Check the images below and get inspired!

Forest Tattoo by bonbonbizarrePhoto: bonbonbizarre

Forest Tattoo by vika_nk93Photo: vika_nk93

Forest Tattoo by atelier_de_lencrePhoto: atelier_de_lencre

Forest Tattoo by dannyorsiniPhoto: dannyorsini

Forest Tattoo by fenyarttattooPhoto: fenyarttattoo

Forest Tattoo by ianreynoldPhoto: ianreynold

Forest Tattoo by markrskipperPhoto: markrskipper

Forest Tattoo by saenz2991Photo: saenz2991

Forest Tattoo by olcur_tattooPhoto: olcur_tattoo

Forest Tattoo by victoriascarlet93Photo: victoriascarlet93