30 Impressive Tattoo Designs by Emrah Ozhan

In Tattoo Artists by Camille Anders

#21 Gentlemen Rhino TattooGentlemen Rhino Tattoo

#22 Big Octopus Tattoo on ThighBig Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

#23 Anchor Tattoo on ArmAnchor Tattoo

#24 Feline Eye Tattoo and GeometryFeline Eye Tattoo and Geometry

#25 Space Shuttle Tattoo on ArmSpace Shuttle Tattoo on Arm

#26 Geometric Eye Tattoo on BicepGeometric Eye Tattoo on Bicep

#27 Lotus Tattoo and Geometric Elements on Upper BackLotus Tattoo and Geometric Elements

#28 Space Inspired Tattoo on SideSpace Inspired Tattoo on Side

#29 Planet and Landscape TattooPlanet and Landscape Tattoo

#30 Half Sleeve Tutankhamon TattooHalf Sleeve Tutankhamon Tattoo