50 Minimalist Hand Poke Tattoo Designs by Pokeeeeeeeoh

In Tattoo Artists by Camille Anders

Sweden-based hand poke tattoo artist Pokeeeeeeeoh specializes in creating simple tattoos using the stick n’ poke technique. His minimal pieces are inspired by cosmos, hand gestures, animals, flowers and other designs in which he sometimes incorporates a subtle sense of humor.

See below a selection of Pokeeeeeeeoh’s minimalist tattoos and follow him on Instagram to see his latest works.

1 Hand Tattoo on ArmHand Poke Hand Tattoo by pokeeeeeeeoh

2 Minimalist Umbrella Tattoo on TricepHand Poke Umbrella Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

3 Croissant Tattoo on ForearmHand Poke Croissant Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

4 Crossed Hands Tattoo on BicepHand Poke Crossed Hands Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

5 Woman Portrait Tattoo on TricepHand Poke Woman Portrait Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

6 Firework or Dandelion?!Hand Poke Firework / Dandelion Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

7 Black Ink Palm Tree TattooHand Poke Palm Tree Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

8 Minimal Star Tattoo on WristHand Poke Tiny Star Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

9 Dotwork Habanero TattooHand Poke Habanero Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh

10 Lightbulb and Hand Tattoo on BicepLightbulb and Hand Tattoo by Pokeeeeeeeoh