#12 Bat and Castle Tattoo on Arm Bat and Castle Tattoo on Arm

#13 Gloomy Scenery on LegGloomy Scenery on Leg

#14 Never Ending Story on ForearmNever Ending Story on Forearm

#15 Galactic Spider Tattoo on Calf Galactic Spider Tattoo on Calf

#16 Hannya Mask Tattoo on ThighHannya Mask Tattoo on Thigh

#17 Space Cat Tattoo on BicepSpace Cat Tattoo on Bicep

#18 Gothic Raven Tattoo on CalfGothic Raven Tattoo on Calf

#19 Elongated Alien Skull TattooElongated Alien Skull Tattoo

#20 Tim Burton Inspired Dark Tattoos on CalfTim Burton Inspired Dark Tattoos

#21 Albert Pénot Inspired DesignAlbert Pénot Inspired Design

#22 Lantern and Jawbone Tattoo on ForearmLantern and Jawbone on Forearm