Viktoria Grigorieva (aka Vika KIWI) is a Moscow-based tattoo artist and founder of the KIWI Tattoo parlor. She was engaged in tattoo art since December 2013, developing her own style, which can be described as a mix of sketchy graphics and watercolor.

Her designs often depict movie and games characters but also cute animals and beautiful flowers that she usually creates in a single session which doesn’t take more than 2 hours.

‘I take a tattoo as a kind of fine art, in which the specific instrument serves as a brush, and the bodies of people are the canvas.’, the artist states.

See below a selection of Vika’s graphic watercolor tattoos and follow her on Instagram to see her latest works.

1 Japanese Inspired Watercolor Tattoos on ThighsJapanese Inspired Watercolor Tattoos by vika_kiwitattoo

2 Big Magnolia Tattoo on LegMagnolia Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

3 Cartoon Style Tyrannosaurus Rex Tattoo
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

4 Sketch Style Upper Sleeve Flower Tattoo
Sketch Style Upper Sleeve Flower Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

5 Half Sleeve Colored Owl TattooColored Owl Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

6 Alien Girl Tattoo on LegAlien Girl Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

7 Lion Head Tattoo on Arm Lion Head Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

8 Warchief Thrall Tattoo on LegThrall Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

9 Matrioska Doll/ Hawaiian Landscape TattooMatrioska Doll/ Hawaiian Landscape Tattoo by vika_kiwitattoo

10 Cheerful Mandarins on Arm Cheerful Mandarins by vika_kiwitattoo