Dive into the mesmerizing realm of dotwork circular tattoos with the remarkable artistry of Mike Stout. Tattoo Adore proudly presents a collection that celebrates the intricate beauty and profound symbolism found within the perfect geometry of circles, all brought to life through the meticulous technique of dotwork. Mike Stout’s creations are a testament to precision and patience, each dot contributing to a larger, more complex image that captivates the eye and engages the mind.

Dotwork circular tattoos are not just visually striking; they are steeped in meaning and history, often drawing inspiration from sacred geometry, mandalas, and the natural world. The circle, a symbol of eternity, the infinite, and the cycle of life, serves as the foundation for designs that can represent personal growth, unity, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Mike Stout’s portfolio offers a glimpse into the potential of this art form, where the strategic placement of thousands of dots forms gradients and patterns that can seem almost impossible in their detail. Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual aspects of circular tattoos or simply appreciate the painstaking craftsmanship required to create them, this collection is sure to inspire.

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Join us as we explore the hypnotic allure of dotwork circular tattoos by Mike Stout, where ancient symbolism meets modern aesthetics in a dance of dots and design. Each piece is a silent ode to the enduring power of circles, inviting you to find your own meaning within the infinite possibilities they encompass.

Dotwork Circular Tattoo Design Ideas

Dotwork Circular Tattoo Design Ideas

UK, Brighton-based illustrator Mike Stout began his tattoo career in 2015, joining Skinned Alive Tattoo Studio as a full-time tattoo artist in July 2016.

Mike’s illustrative style consists of lines and dots that allow him to add amazing details to his small circular tattoos.

His dotwork spherical designs often depict landscapes, animals, celestial bodies, and various sceneries that have an abstract touch.

See below a selection of Mike’s circular tattoos and follow him on Instagram to see his latest works.

1 Dotwork Circular Tattoos on Inner ForearmDotwork Circular Tattoos on Inner Forearm by Mike Stout

2 Small Seagull Tattoo on RibsSeagull Tattoo by Mike Stout

3 Ship and Waves Tattoo on Lower CalfShip and Waves Tattoo by Mike Stout

4 Solar System Sphere Tattoo on BicepSolar System Sphere Tattoo by Mike Stout

5 Dotwork Rat Tattoo on TricepDotwork Rat Tattoo by Mike Stout

6 Cabin in the Mountains & Woodlands Cabin in the Mountains & Woodlands by Mike Stout

7 Turtle Tattoo Design on ForearmTurtle Tattoo by Mike Stout

8 Spherical Space & Mountain Tattoo on ForearmSpace & Mountains Tattoo by Mike Stout

9 Dotwork Disney Castle TattooDotwork Disney Castle Tattoo by Mike Stout

10 Spinosaurus Tattoo and LandscapeSpinosaurus Tattoo by Mike Stout