#11 Floral Big Dipper Constellation on Back ShoulderFloral Big Dipper Constellation Tattoo by hanji_tattooPhoto: hanji_tattoo

#12 Dotwork Pisces Constellation on SideDotwork Pisces Constellation Tattoo by ana_intheskywithdiamonds Photo: ana_intheskywithdiamonds

#13 Leo Constellation on Back ShoulderLeo Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_idaPhoto: tattooist_ida

#14 Dotwork /Linework Leo Constellation on Back of NeckDotwork /Linework Leo Constellation Tattoo by ___chaehwa___Photo: ___chaehwa___

#15 Matching Geometric Gemini ConstellationsMatching Geometric Gemini Constellation Tattoos by studio_blackinkPhoto: studio_blackink

#15 Dotwork Sagittarius Constellation on AnkleDotwork Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo by alexandrianolan.tattooPhoto: alexandrianolan.tattoo

#16 Virgo Constellation Tattoo on BicepVirgo Constellation Tattoo by jingstattooPhoto: jingstattoo

#17 Delicate Taurus Constellation Behind the EarTaurus Constellation Tattoo by wittybutton_tattooPhoto: wittybutton_tattoo

#18 Watercolor Leo and Cancer ConstellationsWatercolor Leo and Cancer Constellations Tattoo by connyalthvizPhoto: connyalthviz

#19 Sagittarius Constellation on WristSagittarius Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_greemPhoto: tattooist_greem

#20 Virgo Constellation on CollarboneVirgo Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_greemPhoto: tattooist_greem