40 Gorgeous Constellation Tattoo Designs

In Tattoo Designs by Camille Anders

#31 Dotwork Aquarius Constellation on ForearmDotwork Aquarius Constellation Tattoo by cagridurmazPhoto: cagridurmaz

#32 Dotwork Libra Constellation TattooDotwork Libra Constellation Tattoo by ikaatattoo Photo: ikaatattoo

#33 Virgo Constellation Inside Circular Landscape  Virgo Constellation Tattoo by sashaunisex Photo: sashaunisex

#34 Libra Constellation and Tiny Celestial Bodies on WristLibra Constellation and Tiny Celestial Bodies by mnsantanatattooPhoto: mnsantanatattoo

#35 Watercolor Constellations on SideWatercolor Constellations Tattoo by chrisrigonitattooerPhoto: chrisrigonitattooer

#36 Dotwork Pisces Constellation on Back ShoulderDotwork Pisces Constellation Tattoo by postyismPhoto: postyism

#37 Subtle Pisces Constellation on CollarboneSubtle Pisces Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_tyPhoto: tattooist_ty

#38 Dotwork Leo Constellation Tattoo on RibsDotwork Leo Constellation Tattoo by abrahaoanaPhoto: abrahaoana

#39 Watercolor Pisces Constellation Watercolor Pisces Constellation Tattoo by ednana4Photo: ednana4

#40 Aries Symbol and Constellation on RibsAries Symbol and Constellation Tattoo by robgreennycPhoto: robgreennyc

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