The infinity symbol, resembling a horizontal figure-eight, has transcended its mathematical roots to become a profound symbol in various aspects of life. 

Primarily known for representing endlessness and the concept of eternity, the infinity symbol has found its place in the world of tattoos, where it carries deep personal meanings for those who choose to adorn their bodies with it.

What Does the Infinity Symbol Tattoo Signify?

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Ideas and their Meanings

The infinity symbol’s mathematical concept of never-ending sequences has been embraced by romantics worldwide, transforming it into a powerful emblem of eternal love, unbreakable bonds, and limitless possibilities. 

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The origins of the infinity symbol date back centuries, but its resurgence as a popular tattoo design has elevated its significance in contemporary culture.

20 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Ideas and their Meanings

infinity symbol tattoo significance

Infinity Heart Tattoo

Combining the infinite symbol with a heart, this tattoo speaks volumes about everlasting love and an unbreakable connection, making it an ideal choice for couples deeply committed to one another.

The merging of these two iconic symbols encapsulates the notion that their love knows no bounds and is destined to last for an eternity.

Infinity Love Tattoo

Representing a sense of completeness and enduring love, the Infinity Love Tattoo is a simple yet powerful design.

Often embellished with the word “love,” this tattoo serves as a beautiful tribute to significant relationships, capturing the essence of a love that is boundless and timeless.

Family Infinity Tattoo

Dedicated to the cherished bonds within a family, the Family Infinity Tattoo honors those who hold a special place in one’s heart.

Ranging from simplistic inscriptions to elaborate designs with names and symbols, this tattoo emphasizes the eternal connection with family members, both biological and chosen.

Infinity Best Friend Tattoo

Infinity Best Friend Tattoo ideas

A celebration of lifelong friendships, the Infinity Best Friend Tattoo is a personalized expression of the unique bond shared with a close companion.

Whether adorned with the friend’s name or a meaningful quote, this tattoo signifies a connection that transcends time and remains an enduring aspect of one’s life.

Double Infinity Tattoo

The Double Infinity Tattoo, merging two infinity symbols, symbolizes boundless possibilities.

This design can be customized with additional elements like flowers or birds, expressing the idea that opportunities are endless.

It serves as a reminder that life’s potential is limitless and awaits exploration.

Infinity Name Tattoo

By incorporating a loved one’s name into the infinity symbol, this tattoo becomes a potent and personalized statement of commitment and connection.

Whether expressing deep admiration or commemorating a significant relationship, the Infinity Name Tattoo is a powerful visual representation of enduring love.

Infinity Quote Tattoo

The Infinity Quote Tattoo combines meaningful quotes with the infinity symbol, creating a design with depth and significance.

This tattoo emphasizes the eternal nature of the words chosen, resonating with the idea that certain sentiments will persist throughout time.

Infinity Couple Tattoo

As a romantic choice for couples, the Infinity Couple Tattoo symbolizes everlasting love and commitment.

Often including names, initials, or important dates, this design serves as a tangible expression of the enduring bond shared by two individuals deeply connected to each other.

Infinity Feather Tattoo

Pairing the feather symbol, representing freedom and independence, with the infinity symbol, this tattoo communicates a message of eternal liberation from negativity.

The wearer may choose this design to signify a personal journey towards perpetual positivity and self-discovery.

Infinity Butterfly Tattoo

Infinity Butterfly Tattoo ideas

The Infinity Butterfly Tattoo elegantly combines the fleeting beauty of butterflies with the eternal symbol.

This design underscores themes of growth and transformation, reminding the wearer of their ability to face challenges and emerge stronger and more beautiful.

Infinity Sister Tattoo

Infinity Sister Tattoo ideas

Celebrating the unique bond between siblings, the Infinity Sister Tattoo incorporates the infinity symbol to convey the everlasting nature of sisterhood.

Whether adorned with Celtic knots, names, or favorite animals, this tattoo reflects the enduring connection between sisters.

Infinity Cross Tattoo

Infinity Cross Tattoo idas

Merging the cross symbolizing faith with the infinity symbol, this tattoo represents devotion, eternal love, and spiritual beliefs.

The design serves as a visible expression of one’s commitment to faith and a lasting connection to a higher power.

Mother And Son Infinity Tattoo

Honoring the special bond between a mother and son, this tattoo can be as simple or detailed as desired, rich in symbolism.

The design serves as a heartfelt tribute, expressing the timeless connection and love between a mother and her child.

Infinity Neck Tattoo

Choosing the neck as the canvas for the infinity symbol makes a bold statement about the concept of eternity.

Despite the potential pain associated with neck tattoos, this choice emphasizes the wearer’s commitment to embracing the enduring nature of life and love.

Infinity Gauntlet Tattoo

For Marvel enthusiasts, focusing on The Infinity Gauntlet from the comics adds a unique twist to the traditional infinity symbol.

This tattoo choice may symbolize the acknowledgment of the dangers associated with unlimited possibilities or simply reflect a love for the Marvel storyline.

Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Transforming the infinity symbol into an arrow adds a touch of direction, strength, and power to the timeless design.

This tattoo may signify the wearer’s commitment to facing challenges head-on and moving forward with determination.

Infinity With Anchor Tattoo

Combining the anchor symbolizing stability with infinity creates a powerful statement about steadfastness and determination.

This tattoo serves as a visual representation of the wearer’s resilience and commitment to navigating life’s challenges with unwavering strength.

Infinity And Beyond Tattoo

Inspired by Toy Story, the Infinity And Beyond Tattoo embraces the quote “To infinity and beyond.”

Symbolizing limitless possibilities and eternal dreams, this design serves as a nostalgic reminder of childhood whimsy and a commitment to reaching for one’s aspirations.

Infinity Snake Tattoo

Incorporating the Ouroboros legend with the infinity symbol, this design explores themes of life, death, and transformation.

The Infinity Snake Tattoo can be a thought-provoking choice, symbolizing the cyclical nature of existence and the eternal journey of self-discovery.

Infinity Finger Tattoo

A small yet edgy choice, the Infinity Finger Tattoo featuring the symbol represents meaningful eternity despite the challenges of this tattoo placement.

The visibility of this design emphasizes the wearer’s commitment to showcasing their enduring connections and beliefs, even in the face of potential fading over time.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Placement Ideas

Deciding on the ideal placement for your infinity symbol tattoo is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your body art not only looks visually appealing but also resonates with the significance you attribute to it.

Here are some thoughtful recommendations for infinity symbol tattoo placements that can enhance the beauty and meaning of your chosen design:

1. Wrist or Forearm: Recommended for: Couples or individuals emphasizing the visibility of their eternal bond.

  • A wrist or forearm placement allows for easy visibility, serving as a constant reminder of enduring connections and love.

2. Behind the Ear: Recommended for: Those seeking a subtle yet elegant placement.

  • Behind the ear tattoos offer a discreet yet impactful choice, allowing you to showcase your eternal sentiments with a touch of sophistication.

3. Collarbone: Recommended for: Individuals desiring a delicate and feminine placement.

  • Collarbone tattoos add a touch of grace, emphasizing the timeless nature of your chosen design while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

4. Ankle: Recommended for: Those seeking a dainty and symbolic placement.

  • Ankle tattoos provide a subtle way to showcase your infinity symbol, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate understated yet meaningful body art.

5. Finger: Recommended for: Individuals embracing edgy and unique placements.

  • Finger tattoos featuring the infinity symbol offer a bold and distinctive look, symbolizing meaningful eternity despite the challenges associated with this placement.

6. Neck: Recommended for: Individuals willing to make a bold and visible statement.

  • Neck tattoos are a powerful choice for those wanting to emphasize the concept of eternity, although it’s important to consider the potential pain associated with this location.

7. Back of the Neck: Recommended for: Individuals seeking a subtler neck placement.

  • Placing the infinity symbol on the back of the neck offers a compromise between visibility and subtlety, creating an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful design.

8. Ribcage: Recommended for: Those desiring a more private yet intimate placement.

  • Ribcage tattoos allow for a discreet yet personal display of the infinity symbol, making it an ideal choice for those who want their body art to remain a more intimate expression.

9. Foot: Recommended for: Individuals who appreciate a combination of visibility and subtlety.

  • Foot tattoos offer a versatile canvas, allowing you to showcase your infinity symbol while maintaining the option to cover it when desired.

10. Thigh:  Recommended for: Individuals seeking a larger canvas for intricate designs.


  • The thigh provides ample space for detailed and creative infinity symbol designs, making it an excellent choice for those who want to incorporate additional elements.


Each of these infinity tattoo ideas offers a unique way to express personal stories, celebrate relationships, and embrace the timeless concept of infinity.

Whether chosen for its mathematical roots or the deeper meanings it holds in various cultures, the infinity symbol continues to be a captivating and enduring choice for body art.