Unalome tattoo designs have become very popular especially among women due to their aesthetic appeal and powerful symbolism. Although minimalistic in form, unalome tattoos are truly beautiful and meaningful.

Unalomes can be symbolic of feminine and masculine energy, depending on which direction their spirals are faced: left for female and right for the male.

What are Unalome tattoos with meaning?

Unalome tattoos are a popular tattoo design that originated in Buddhist and Hindu cultures. The Unalome symbol is a spiral shape that represents the journey to enlightenment. The spiral starts at the base of the symbol, representing the beginning of the journey, and then winds its way up to the top, which represents enlightenment or Nirvana.

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The Unalome tattoo design often includes other elements such as lotus flowers, mandalas, or other spiritual symbols. The lotus flower represents purity and enlightenment, while the mandala represents the universe and the journey towards self-discovery.

The Unalome tattoo with a lotus flower is often seen as a symbol of spiritual growth and the journey towards enlightenment. It is a reminder that even though the journey may be difficult at times, it will ultimately lead to a state of peace and enlightenment.

Overall, Unalome tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to express one’s spiritual journey and personal growth.

Below we have compiled a selection with the most beautiful 32 Unalome Tattoos for your inspiration.

Unalome Tattoo by ricardoromerotattoo

Photo: ricardoromerotattoo. Large unalome tattoo on wrist.

You’ve most likely seen a winding, single-lined icon on someone’s body before and questioned what it implied? It’s called an Unalome, a layout that stands for life’s path as well as battle. The spiral indicates our fight with life, while the straight line shows that we have actually ultimately discovered harmony. Therefore, Unalome tattoos are a really effective symbol of spiritual as well as personal pursuit. It’s a bit confounding to assume that such an easy number can stand for something so profound, once you understand just how to interpret them, the puzzling meaning of these sacred insignias come to be flawlessly clear. Take a minute to appreciate some unified ink and enlightened people – get inspired by the unalome tattoo designs listed below!

Unalome Male/Female Versions


The spiral means a crown, not the fluctuating stray.

Aside from their primary meaning, Unalomes embody a variety of various other spiritual residential properties. They can be symbolic of womanly and also masculine energy depending on which direction their spirals are encountering, left for female and also right for male.

Unalome Tattoo by recycle.tattoo

Unalome tattoo on side of wrist with Infinity sign.

Photo: recycle.tattoo

A unalome tattoo is a visual metaphor for life’s journey and the goal of achieving full awareness of our existence. It is also a way to express your spiritual personality.

Unalome Tattoo by mauvaisgarconstattooshop

White unalome tattoo.

Photo: mauvaisgarconstattooshop

Unalome Tattoo by tatuajes_luna

Unalome tattoos with different symbols.

Unalome tattoo designs can be ornated and elaborated at will and can be combined with other powerful symbols or sacred geometry designs.

Photo: tatuajes_luna

Unalome Tattoo by eliseupereztattoo

Small unalome tattoo on wrist.

Photo: eliseupereztattoo

Unalome Tattoo by mindfu.ll

Large, bold unalome tattoo on side of stomach.

Photo: mindfu.ll

Unalome Tattoo by arianna_reita

Unalome tattoo with flower on back.

Photo: arianna_reita

Unalome Tattoo by _.m.a.r.i.s.o.l._

Unalome tattoo on ring finger.

Photo: _.m.a.r.i.s.o.l._

Unalome Tattoo by caterina_ghiani

Half moon unalome tattoo on back.

Photo: caterina_ghiani

Unalome Tattoo by scribatattoo_official

Very bold unalome tattoo.

Photo: scribatattoo_official