Your Wrist

The wrist might appear like an obvious area, yet think about all the various angles you can select from. From the top of your wrist sideways or straight under your palm, a wrist tattoo is most likely to be on irreversible display and also can potentially get even more sun direct exposure than tattoos in other places.

Near Your Ear

Tattoos behind your ear may not be as noticeable to the general public, however it definitely won’t be something you obtain a chance to see extremely commonly either. Still, stars like Adele as well as Rihanna are fans of little tattoos behind the ear with big significance.

Duck family tattoo on ribs

Duck family tattoo on shoulder

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Three Dots on Finger Tattoo

3 Dots tattooed on finger

pink flower tattoo on forearm

Micro flower wrist tattoo

Geometric Triangle micro tattoo

Geometric triangle tattoo on ankle

Diamond tattoo on tricep

Diamond tricep tattoo

Anchor tattoo on wrist

Ship anchor tattoo on wrist

micro family tattoo on ribs

Stick family rib tattoo

Libra micro-tattoo on hand

Libra tattoo on hand

On Your Finger

When it concerns a micro, minimalist style, the finger is a great idea. With over 190,000 tags on Instagram for finger tattoos are on-trend for microdesigns.

For Your Feet

Nobody will disagree that your foot is a painful area to get inked, particularly if you select to opt for a layout that will include a great deal of shading. Simple silhouettes or line designs may be far better fit for this sensitive area, particularly due to the fact that tattoos done on the foot can run over time. For even more intricate, vibrant micro-tattoos, perhaps think about an additional location of the body.