Juan Blat is a micro-tattoo artist based in Valencia, Spain whose specialty is simple and adorable micro tattoos but he also creates larger and intricate designs. See some of his work below. These tattoos are small but, as with anything, when done well, they can look amazing!

Tattoo fads are constantly developing, from skull and crossbone designs and to watercolor. Today, a tattoo doesn’t have to be big in dimension to have a large effect.

Presenting: the micro-tattoo.

Maybe made famous by lots of celebrities, micro-tattoos are having their moment in the sun. Defined as minimal styles that you can place anywhere, these tattoos might be small yet they have big definition for some individuals. Our guide breaks down whatever you need to find out about micro-tattoos: from what’s prominent to where to get it and the sort of style to have it performed in.

Thinking of among these small, high end tattoo styles? Read on for more information.

A single person’s ink of a feline or a canine can have a totally different interpretation to another individual with a similar design or tattoo. Below is simply a sampling of one of the most desired sorts of micro-tattoos and a few of their lovely meanings.

by Juan Blat

Matching ankle tattoos in black. Often used as a couple tattoo, or sometimes as siblings.

by Juan Blat

Crossing arrow tattoos on the front of a male neck.

by Juan Blat

Pink bow tattoo, on a pinky finger. Often used as a reminder.

by Juan Blat

Roman Numeral II on Wrist

by Juan Blat

Indian style anklet tattoo.

by Juan Blat

Paper Airplane Micro Tattoo

Anchor tattoo on ankle

Ship Anchor Ankle Tattoo.

Doubt Tattoo on Elbow

No Doubt Tattoo

Planets Tattoo on Arm

Solar system forearm tattoo

Pedacites de ti Tattoo ON Ankle

Pedacites de ti Tattoo On Ankle

Symbol tattoos have some of one of the most substantial significance, even if that meaning isn’t always apparent to the inexperienced eye. Today, there are more than 35,000 messages on Instagram, from basic styles to vibrant analyses. The “And” sign (&) is an additional preferred expression via punctuation that can stand for the beginning or end of something profound in your life or a special link to somebody.

With over 60,000 messages on Instagram, an arrow tattoo is one more preferred type of micro-tattoo. A conventional sign of American Indian heritage, arrow tattoos can have different significance depending on how they’re made. A crossed pair can stand for a valuable relationship, while a solitary arrowhead via a diamond shape can be meant as an indication of guts or toughness. An arrowhead by itself can merely be meant as a form of protection.