Although not as popular as other insect tattoos, ant tattoo designs are great and hold powerful meanings. The ant is the universal symbol of diligence, hard work, and organization.

Despite their tiny size, these little creatures are immensely strong, especially because they work together. Their anthill can be considered a microcosm and a lesson to the people about the power of cooperation.

The ant was holy for the goddess of the harvest, Ceres, in ancient Greece and Rome, where she was considered a prophecy creature. For the Chinese, the ant symbolizes discipline, virtue, humiliation, and patriotism. In India, its unceasing work is seen as a symbol of vanity and the ephemeral of worldly actions. Because the ant gathers food, in Judaism and Christianity, it symbolizes temper, caution, and provision. In Christian folk tradition, an ant symbolizes the wise man who can distinguish between truth and false.

Ants are also associated with virtues like community, cooperation, energy, industry, order, perseverance, stamina, teamwork, unity.

Having an ant tattoo inked on the skin is a great way to evoke the power and energy of this little insect and to expresses the good qualities of your personality. An ant tattoo can also symbolize the hard work and the effort made in order to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals.

Check our selection below of 24 creative ant tattoo designs and get inspired.

Ant Tattoo by busekanlikilic_tattoo

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Ant Tattoo by inkyourskinbdc

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Ant Tattoo by mr.renan_tattoo

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Ant Tattoo by portofcall.tattoos

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Ant Tattoo by ___ether___

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Ant Tattoo by elleallen_art

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Ant Tattoo by sin66tattoo

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Ant Tattoo by la_passoire

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Ant Tattoo by olcur_tattoo

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Ant Tattoo by vo_vo_

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Ant Tattoo by moganji

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