Greemtattoo is a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea who specializes in bold blackwork tattoos. She has a particular style that could be described as minimalist yet thick with a sense of geometry and done exclusively with black ink.

Check out her work below and follow her on Instagram for more.

#1 Moon and Sun Blackwork TattoosMoon and Sun Blackwork Tattoos by Greemtattoo

#2 Matching Heart Tattoos on Couple Matching Heart Tattoos by Greemtattoo

#3 Cute Geometric Rabbits Cute Geometric Rabbits by Greemtattoo

#4 Alice in Wonderland TattooAlice in Wonderland Tattoo by Greemtattoo

#5 Unicorn, Space Elements, and Lettering TattooUnicorn, Space Elements, and Lettering Tattoo by Greemtattoo

#6 Blackwork Snow White TattooBlackwork Snow White Tattoo by Greemtattoo

#7 Geometric Tulip Tattoo on ShoulderGeometric Tulip Tattoo on Shoulder by Greemtattoo

#8 Rooster Tattoo on AnkleRooster Tattoo by Greemtattoo

#9 Moth Girl and Space Elements Moth Girl and Space Elements by Greemtattoo

#10 Blackwork Hand Fan Tattoo on Forearm Blackwork Hand Fan Tattoo by Greemtattoo

#11 Mountain Tattoo on Arm Mountain Tattoo by Greemtattoo