Hong Kong-based tattoo artist Karry Ka-Ying Poon (aka poonkaros) specializes in black and grey tattoos drawn with fine lines and shaded with precise dots.

Her designs keep a subtle nature and are often mixed with geometric elements, ranging from animals and floral composition to everyday objects, landscapes, and various scenes.

Check out below a selection of Poonkaros beautiful black and grey tattoos and visit her Instagram for more.

1 Fine Line Mandala Tattoo on ThighFine Line Mandala Tattoo by by Poonkaros

2 Cute Giraffe and Balloons on AnkleGiraffe and Balloons on Ankle by poonkaros

3 Lily of the Valley and Geometric ElementsLily of the Valley and Geometric Elements by poonkaros

4 Door to the GalaxyDoor to the Galaxy Tattoo by poonkaros

5 Neighbor Totoro Tattoo on HipNeighbor Totoro Tattoo by poonkaros

6 Dotwork Moon Phases and Geometric ElementsDotwork Moon Phases and Geometric Elements by poonkaros

7 Ornamental Dragonfly Tattoo on ForearmOrnamental Dragonfly Tattoo by poonkaros

8 Skeleton Tattoos on BicepSkeleton Tattoos by poonkaros

9 Dotwork Alien Abduction TattooDotwork Alien Abduction Tattoo by poonkaros

10 Delicate Forget-Me-Nots TattooDelicate Forget-Me-Nots Tattoo by poonkaros

11 Tiny Frida Kahlo’s Parrot TattooTiny Frida Kahlo's Parrot Tattoo by poonkaros