Chris Hemsworth, the celebrated Australian actor renowned for his portrayal of Thor and other iconic roles, is not just a Hollywood heartthrob with bulging muscles and a charming smile. 

Beneath the surface lies a canvas of ink, five tattoos to be exact, each with its own story and significance. 

While Hemsworth typically keeps the meanings of his tattoos close to his heart, their symbolism offers a glimpse into his personal life, values, and connections. 

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Let’s take a look at Chris Hemsworth’s tattoos and uncover the deeper meanings behind them.

6 Tattoos of Chris Hemsworth and What They Mean

The Dr. Seuss Tattoo

dr euss tattoo chris hemsworth

Situated on his left bicep, Hemsworth’s Dr. Seuss tattoo pays homage to the beloved children’s book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

While he hasn’t quite disclosed its significance, it’s widely believed to reflect his profound bond with his daughter, whom he frequently read the book to. 

The CEITS Tattoo

ceits tattoo chris hemsworth

On the outer forearm lies a matching tattoo he shares with his wife. The letters C-E-I-T-S stand for Chris, Elsa, India, Tristan, and Sasha, representing unconditional love for his family.

This tattoo serves as a visible testament to the Hemsworth-Pataky family’s unity and devotion, celebrating the profound connections that anchor them together.

The Avengers Tattoo

avengers tattoo chris hemsworth

Hemsworth and his original Avengers co-stars commemorated their MCU journey with matching tattoos.

Located near the bottom of his rib cage, the Avengers tattoo features the iconic Avengers logo, symbolizing the friendships forged through their portrayal of their iconic characters.

The tattoo embodies the spirit of teamwork, resilience, and triumph, echoing the ethos of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

The Dharma Wheel Tattoo

dharma wheel tattoo chris hemsworth

Next up is the Dharma wheel tattoo. Though not a big one, this tattoo is positioned on his left forearm, alongside two stars.

Executed in tandem with sacred geometry designs on his right forearm, this tattoo holds a special significance intertwined with familial bonds.

The dharma wheel symbolizes spiritual growth, enlightenment, and the cyclical nature of existence, embodying the values Hemsworth cherishes and imparts to his loved ones.

His Geometric Tattoo

geometric tattoo chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s second last addition is a striking geometric tattoo on his inner-right forearm.

Designed by Dillon Forte, known for his contemporary approach to sacred geometry, this intricate design hints at deeper philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

While Hemsworth has kept mum about its precise meaning, the geometric patterns may reflect themes of balance, harmony, and interconnectedness, resonating with his holistic outlook on life.

Linework Tattoo on His Arm

linework tattoo on his arm

Earlier this year, Chris Hemsworth got a new tattoo on his forearm by tattoo artist Corina Weikl. He had this tattoo done in LA while he was accompanied with his wife Elsa Pataky and actor Matt Damon.


Chris Hemsworth’s tattoos are not just ink etched onto skin; they are living symbols of his experiences, relationships, and innermost beliefs.

From cherished moments with his family to enduring bonds with colleagues, each tattoo tells a story, inviting us to glimpse the multifaceted persona of the man behind the superhero facade.