Evgeny Mel is a skilled tattoo artist from Moscow, Russia. His stunning work can be described as a combination of styles such as graphic, dotwork, and blackwork in which he includes gorgeous turquoise tones.

Check below a selection of Mel’s dotwork turquoise tattoos and follow him on Instagram for more.

#1 Einstein Tattoo and Binary Code

Einstein Tattoo and Binary Code by Evgeny Mel

Einstein with binary code.

#2 Cupid and Psyche Sculpture Tattoo

Cupid and Psyche Sculpture Tattoo by Evgeny Mel

Cupid and Psyche.

#3 Toothless Dragon Tattoo on Arm
Toothless Dragon Tattoo by Evgeny Mel

Toothless dragon.

#4  Stunning Astronaut Tattoo
Astronaut Tattoo by Evgeny Mel


#5 Giraffe and Magic Wand Tattoo
Giraffe and Magic Wand Tattoo by Evgeny Mel

Giraffe and magic wand.

#6 Four Leaf Clover Tattoo 
Four Leaf Clover Tattoo by Evgeny Mel

Four leaf clover.

#7 Dotwork Turquoise Whale Tattoo
Dotwork Turquoise Whale Tattoo by Evgeny Mel


#8 Peony Tattoo on Back Shoulder
Peony Tattoo by Evgeny Mel


#9 Plant Tattoo on Ankle
Plant Tattoo by Evgeny Mel


#10 Gorgeous Lotus Tattoo on Ribs
Lotus Tattoo by Evgeny Mel