by Mrs Fox

24 Cute Dotwork Tattoo Designs by Mrs. Fox

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Agata Barczak (aka Mrs. Fox) is a tattoo artist based in Wroclaw, Poland. Using black ink and dotwork technique she creates cute and charming tattoos.

Check a selection of Mrs. Fox’s dotwork tattoo designs below and follow her on Instagram for more.

#1 Cute Dotwork Tattoo on ForearmCute Dotwork Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#2 Beautiful Botanical Tattoo on WristBotanical Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#3 Little Cute Hedgehog TattooHedgehog Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#4 Dotwork Sleeping Beer and Kitty TattooDotwork Sleeping Beer and Kitty Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#5 Arrow and Dotwork Circles Tattoo on BackArrow and Dotwork Circles Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#6 Adorable Piggy and Flowers TattooPiggy and Flowers Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#7 Dotwork Suitcase Tattoo on AnkleDotwork Suitcase Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#8 Dotwork Lotus Flower on Back of NeckDotwork Lotus Flower by Mrs Fox

#9 Deer and Dotwork Circle Tattoo on ShoulderDeer and Dotwork Circle Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#10 Ornamental Lion Tattoo Under BoobsOrnamental Lion Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#11 Minimalist Kawaii Unicorn and Tiny Stars on AnkleKawaii Unicorn and Tiny Stars Tattoo by Mrs Fox

#12 Another Gorgeous Ornamental Lion TattooOrnamental Lion Tattoo by Mrs Fox