Looking for henna tattoo designs? There are many different designs that you can choose from. You can find simple designs that are easy to do or more complex ones that take longer to complete. There are also a variety of colors that you can use so that you can create a truly unique design.
Check out what is the best henna to use for tattoos and find the perfect one for you!

Henna Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Henna Tattoo Designs For Feet And Legs

For women, leg tattoos are getting more and more common. That is as a result of their attractiveness, sex, and femininity. You can flaunt them while you’re dressed in a dress or shorts. If you’re thinking about having a permanent leg tattoo, consider trying out the design first using henna.

Henna Tattoo Designs For Feet And Legs

White Henna Designs

A white henna tattoo is perfect for those with dark skin tones or who wish to add a striking variation to conventional henna. White henna does not include any henna plant components and does not bleach, stain, or change skin color.

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Instead, a combination of skin-safe body paint and surgical-grade glue is used. It may be applied similarly to genuine henna and has a similar feel, but it doesn’t last as long because it washes off between three to ten days.

White Henna Designs

Henna Tattoo with Meaning

In Indian tradition, the wedding mehndi is one of the most significant henna tattoos. Henna tattoos enable the person to get blessings when applied to the hands. \Swan tattoos stand for beauty and success, while the lotus blossom is a revered Hindu emblem. It stands for eternity and pure purity and is connected to Vishnu and Brahma’s gods.

Flower Henna Hand Tattoo

Flowers are traditionally associated with pleasure and happiness, while vines and leaves are associated with devotion; as a result, these plant-based patterns are trendy for bridal henna tattoos.

Henna may be used to create any floral-inspired pattern in any art form. Flowers seem even more feminine and lovely when coupled with other natural symbols like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Flower Henna Hand Tattoo

Tattoo with Black Henna

Choose a jagua-based ink if you want your henna tattoo to seem black rather than the typical red, orange, or brown. South American fruit juice is used to make jagua, and jaguar tattoos are customary in various the Caribbean and native American civilizations.

Some items marketed as “black henna” contain the hazardous pigment p-paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical can result in serious diseases and scars and is unsuitable for the skin.

Tattoo with Black Henna

Tiny Henna Design

Small henna tattoos are easier to apply and great for your first henna experiment. They are an excellent choice for a group tattoo that matches. Simple henna patterns appear better when smaller, similar to actual tattoos.

The hands, fingers, or inner wrist are the finest places for these tattoos to be applied. Consider getting a tattoo with a natural theme or one with geometric designs.

Sun Henna Tattoo

Another typical henna tattoo pattern is the sun, together with the moon and stars. It stands for a love that is limitless like the sky. Henna is frequently used to create tribal-style solar tattoos.

But you may make the final appearance as simple or complex as you like. When paired with a similar moon tattoo, it becomes even more spectacular.

Sun Henna Tattoo

Finger Tattoo Mehndi Design

It is remarkable when henna is painted on the fingers because the color contrasts with so many different skin tones. Drops, dots, and leaves are popular patterns, as well as the full-color “dip-dye” appearance.

Henna finger tattoos will always be obvious, like other hand tattoos. This makes selecting a skilled henna artist to do these tattoos imperative.

Finger Tattoo Mehndi Design

Wrist Henna Designs

The wrists and hands are excellent places to apply henna for aesthetic purposes. Your henna wrist tattoo will be distinctive, whether a little bracelet-style pattern or a floral or plant design.

The mandala lotus is one popular henna wrist tattoo right now. It blends the ancient Hindu images of purity, divinity, and eternity to provide a stunning overall appearance.

Sleeve Tattoo With Henna

A single design or a group of tattoos extending from the shoulder to the wrist are called sleeves. Try getting a henna sleeve tattoo if you want to simulate the appearance of a whole sleeve without committing.

You may experiment with several designs thanks to the transitory nature of the design and determine whether the sleeve’s striking, eye-catching appearance is appropriate for you.

Sleeve Tattoo With Henna

Shoulder Henna Tattoo

An area that works well for a traditional henna tattoo is the shoulder. These patterns frequently feature the mandala symbol in a circular shape. The mandala represents the world and heavenly harmony.

The design harmonizes wonderfully with the shoulder’s contours since it spreads outward.

Shoulder Henna Tattoo

Arm Henna Designs

Have a henna tattoo done on your forearm to display. You may easily conceal it with a shirt or see your tattoo whenever you like. Long, twisting motifs like leaves and vines, typical of Arabic henna body art, look best here.

Alternatively, you may try using written text or geometric designs like lines and grids.

Henna Thigh Tattoo Designs

Women are increasingly getting tattoos on their thighs. It offers you lots of room for a larger, more intricate design in addition to being a seductive region for your body art.

With no restrictions in space, your henna artist may use their abilities the most. A henna thigh tattoo can elevate your bikini or beach suit, making it ideal for the warmer months.

Henna Thigh Tattoo Designs

Ankle Henna Tattoo

Because they may be readily concealed, henna ankle tattoos are a little more subdued than other places. While traditional ankle tattoos are among the most painful, they are painless.

Henna tattoos on the ankle are frequently made to resemble anklets and other foot jewelry. They appear pretty feminine and go great with sandals or heels.

Foot Tattoo with Henna

Hindu culture has a long tradition of foot henna tattoos. That’s because the bodily portion that makes touch with the ground is the foot. This body part’s tattoos symbolize our ties to the natural world.

Peacocks, paisley, and mandalas are among the often used patterns. However, you can pick something less conventional if you’re using henna as a fashion statement.

Henna Eyebrow Tattoo

Henna may be used to color eyebrow hairs and to make a brief brow tattoo. Before deciding to have their eyebrows microbladed, many ladies test this approach.

The henna eyebrow tattoo may change the form of your brows and give you a bigger, fuller appearance since it colors your skin and hair. Additionally, it contains more pigments, so your brows won’t appear red or orange.

Simple Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos from traditional India are detailed and complicated, requiring hours to apply. Henna ink, however, may also be applied for short tattoos.

Squares and other geometric forms are frequently used in designs in North Africa. Your creativity is the only restriction. A henna tattoo may be anything you want it to be: geometric forms, a symbol, minimalist art, a quotation, or a number.

Henna Hand Tattoo

The hand is one of the most preferred body parts for henna tattoos. These decorations, which are symbolic and have significant cultural significance but are not permanent hand tattoos, are not problematic.

They are worn during religious rituals, such as weddings, and it is thought that wearing them entitles the wearer to blessings. It is also claimed that the location has a relaxing effect.

A Tattoo With Dragon Henna

Henna is a fantastic option if you love the idea of tattoos but want something less long-lasting. The dragon tattoo is a representational design linked to mysticism, strength, knowledge, and bravery.

The mythological beast denotes avarice and sin in the West while bringing luck and prosperity to the East. It also has diverse symbolism in the West and East.

Face Tattoo with Henna

Henna tattoos are extremely culturally significant and bring weddings luck and wealth. It can also be found on the back, neck, and collarbone, although it is more uncommon to find it on the face.

It is frequently found on the arms and legs. A facial tattoo appeals to someone who desires a design that draws attention due to its prominence.

Elephant Henna Tattoo

Elephants are revered as holy creatures by Hindus, making them a very strong tattoo design option. There are various methods to include this magnificent beast in your henna tattoo, including elaborate patterns and features.

Your design may be made large or small, according on your desire, but you may want to decide where to display it, such as the hands and arms.

Elephant Henna Tattoo

Neck tattoo With henna

Henna can be applied on the neck during significant events and is said to bring luck and wealth to the marriage. These artworks do not have the same stigma as traditional neck tattoos, which are stunning and intricate but also extremely painful and divisive.

Men’s Henna Tattoos

Women have traditionally worn henna tattoos, but as the practice has gained popularity, men and women can now have them. Your artwork may include geometric components or depict animals or flowers. You can also wish to choose a pattern that is more typically used for men.

Henna Tattoo Of Rihanna

Rihanna‘s demonstration of a complex, mandala-inspired henna design on her palm is probably one of the most well-known instances of henna’s mainstreaming.

Although Rihanna’s tattoos are permanent, they were inspired by traditional henna tattoos. She is regarded as one of the most trendy ladies in the world.

Henna Tattoo Of Rihanna

A tattoo Of a Rose

Henna is often applied in mehndi patterns, but floral patterns, such as a rose tattoo, appear lovely and feminine. Flowers have rich symbolic meaning in addition to being aesthetically pleasing since they are connected to development and beauty.

Roses have many symbolic connotations, and the bloom may also stand for the delicate balance between good and evil, as well as pleasure and agony, and serve as a warning to be cautious about whom you put your confidence in.

Tattoo Henna Necklace

One of the most attractive features of the body may be highlighted with a statement tattoo like a henna necklace. It may be limited to the neck or extend to the collarbone and a portion of the chest.

You have a lot of design options, which encourages creativity. The greatest thing, though? The procedure doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Back tattoo With Henna

Henna back tattoos are a fantastic choice that the bride might have on her wedding day. The back is a desirable area for body art because it is roomy enough to inspire imagination and allow you to create lovely, elaborate designs without being constrained by space.

Henna may be easily covered up and is particularly flexible for the back. Henna lasts at least two weeks before fading.

Moon Henna Tattoo

Moon tattoos are stunning and meaningful, signifying feminine strength, change, mysticism, and development. Because of its symbolic meaning and aesthetic appeal, women find it enticing to be tattooed.

A moon design might be tiny and straightforward, or it can be a component of a bigger, more intricate design. Consider getting a sun tattoo to go with it as well.

Erotic Henna Tattoo

Some people decide to adorn their bodies with patterns because body art has long been utilized for ornamental and symbolic purposes. They may be applied to any body part, including more private areas, to create sensual body art that can honor feminine strength.

However, there is significant debate around this since some people view the use of henna outside of traditional rituals as cultural appropriation.
Erotic Henna Tattoo

Henna Hand Tattoo – Dots and Arrows

Even if you like the finger patterns we showed you above, perhaps you’re just getting started with henna art this week and are concerned that those intricate designs will be too difficult for you until you’ve honed your abilities a little.

Then perhaps it would be easier for you to begin with very basic forms and work your way up to what you previously saw! You may still get the beautifully decorated fingers you loved by following a tutorial like the one published on Ella Wayfarer, but the pattern becomes a bit easier to follow.

Henna Heart Designs

You may still be considering how much you adore finger henna art designs, but you’d prefer something a bit different in form, perhaps only on a few fingers, as you’re unsure how much your employer would enjoy it if you cover your whole hand.

Then perhaps your thumb and pointer finger would be sufficient.

Intricate Henna Hand Tattoo

You’re searching for a design that’s a bit more difficult since you’re pretty confident in your henna painting abilities, but you’ve lately done much art on the backs of your hands and want to mix things up there too.

Then, we believe you are the ideal candidate to try out this incredibly elaborate lace-inspired design, but this time on the palms of your hands.

Restorbio like the way this Instructables lesson shows you some tips and tactics for adding variously shaped features in layers up the insides of your fingers rather than the backs and down the insides of your inner forearms.

Intricate Henna Hand Tattoo

Lacey Wrist Henna Tattoo

Are you the henna enthusiast who has always felt that the finished patterns, especially if they are lace-inspired, resemble jewelry? If so, we’re confident you’ll like working with this beautiful lacy wristband concept from Event Guide News.

They demonstrate how to create a complex form that resembles a fancy cuff around the outside of your wrist, but we like the concept of experimenting with the shapes that appear in the middle to customize the appearance in any way you wish.

Mandala Henna Tattoo on the Back

We’ve previously touched on how many traditional henna patterns and designs are lace- or floral-inspired, but the more you practice the craft, the more forms and waves you’ll discover!

The Mandala-style henna patterns, which have swirls and points that appear multi-layered and radiate from a center point to form an elaborate structure, maybe our absolute favorites. The ideal illustration of what we mean is Ella Wayfarer’s upper back henna tattoo.

Exquisite Hand Henna Tattoo

Are you seeking something incorporating various forms, placements, and design elements you have seen so far into one stunning work because you feel confident in your henna painting abilities?

If so, perhaps you’re up for making this tattoo design inspired by a wrapped mandala displayed on Boat People Boutique!

They demonstrate how to replicate the pattern at the tip of each finger, directly under the nail, and consistently repeat gorgeous minor details while creating visual interest over the back of your hand from side to side.

Hearts and Flowers Henna Tattoo

What if you’ve been browsing our list of patterns in search of one that genuinely goes for somewhere in the middle regarding skill level and difficulty? We’ve shown you some pretty elaborate designs and some quite easy ones so far.

Then perhaps this pattern of lace-edged hearts and shaded flowers is something you should try! We like how Event Guide News kept the primary forms large and straightforward while including tiny elements around the periphery, creating a pleasing visual harmony.

Abdominal Wings Henna Tatoo

Would you choose to strike a balance between conventional and modern skin-based arts and produce a henna design that is positioned or shaped as something more like a modern permanent ink tattoo if you were going to make a henna design that lasts for any length of time on your skin?

We have friends who utilize this method to “test drive” tattoo designs before committing to the real thing when they are thinking about getting permanent tattoos in noticeable spots. These are some of our favorite pieces to make.

Storyteller Henna Tattoo

A henna tattoo may assist in telling a tale, just like any other tattoo. Sometimes a love story is a story that has to be told. This henna tattoo has lovely illustrations of the happy couple in addition to the word “love” and intertwined rings. Just wonderful!

Red & Black Henna Hand Tattoo

This trail-like henna tattoo in red and black extends from the wrist to the index finger. The tips of the fingers are beautifully decorated with little, delicate patterns.

Red & Black Henna Hand Tattoo

Groom Henna Hand Tattoo

People of both genders get henna tattoos. In actuality, the hand of the groom is shown in the image above. You can see how much the design has changed, with less flowers and swirls and more dotwork and straight lines.


FAQs About Henna Tattoo Designs For Female

What is a Henna Tattoo?

Henna tattoos are transient body art that creates patterns on the skin with henna-based ink. India, North Africa, and the Middle East are all home to the henna plant.

Henna leaves are ground into a paste or dried into a powder, then combined with a liquid like water, tea, or lemon juice to create the ink. The combination might also include sugar or honey. The artist then uses a toothpick or stick to pipe or brush the henna ink onto the skin, letting it dry.

Henna has time to color the skin throughout the drying process. Mehndi, or Indian wedding henna tattoos, are what most people are acquainted with, although henna tattoos are also common in countries like Egypt and Morocco.

What Are Henna Tattoos Made Of?

Henna is often brown or orange-brown in color and has been utilized for ages by many different civilizations. Henna leaves that have been dried are ground into a paste to create it. These temporary, harmless tattoos typically last two weeks until they start to fade.

Can Henna Tattoos Be Any Design?

Henna may be used to create any floral-inspired pattern in any art form. Flowers seem even more feminine and lovely when coupled with other natural symbols like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Why Are Henna Tattoos Not Permanent?

The skin’s surface layer, often known as the “epidermis,” bears the stains left by henna tattoos. Because the cells in this layer are continually shedding, henna tattoos are always only temporary.


Have you developed other beautiful henna tattoos that you proudly wore on yourself or your friends in the past summers, but you don’t find anything that ultimately likes what you did here? In the comments section, describe your design in detail or provide a link to pictures of your final henna tattoos.