Are you a Rick and Morty fanatic with a desire to etch your love for the show onto your skin? 

Look no further, fellow interdimensional traveler! This guide dives headfirst into the vortex of Rick Sanchez tattoo inspiration, offering a plethora of ideas and references to fuel your artistic adventure.

Whether you resonate with Rick’s genius, Morty’s naivety, or the sheer absurdity of their adventures, this article equips you with the tools to translate your fandom into permanent ink. 

So, grab your portal gun, crank up some Mr. Meeseeks, and get ready to explore a bunch of Rick from Rick and Morty Tattoo Ideas! 

Remember, the only limit is your imagination…and maybe a bit of intergalactic censorship.

Who is Rick Sanchez?

Who is rick sanchez

Rick Sanchez, the titular character of Adult Swim’s animated series “Rick and Morty,” is a complex and multifaceted individual who has captured the hearts (and sometimes repulsed the stomachs) of fans worldwide. 

Rick’s defining trait is his unparalleled genius in science and technology. He can invent anything from reality-bending devices to sentient pickles, often with hilarious and disastrous consequences.

He views the universe as a meaningless place, leading to his cynical and often abrasive personality. He drinks heavily to cope with the existential dread of his vast knowledge.

Rick’s backstory is shrouded in mystery, but it’s hinted that he experienced a traumatic event involving his wife Diane, leading to his current outlook.

While Rick’s core personality remains consistent, he experiences growth and development throughout the series. He learns to value his relationships and occasionally shows genuine remorse for his actions.

Rick is instantly recognizable by his lab coat, messy white hair, and portal gun. His catchphrases like “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!” and “Get Schwifty!” are fan favorites.

20 Rick from Rick and Morty Tattoo Ideas

Rick Sanchez Portrait Tattoo

A portrait tattoo of Rick Sanchez serves as a classic choice for fans of the show. Rick is not just a character; he embodies various complex traits. This tattoo symbolizes genius intellect, cynical worldview, and a penchant for interdimensional exploration. The style of the portrait can vary from realistic to cartoonish or even watercolor, offering versatility to suit different preferences.

Evil Rick (C-137) Tattoo

Opting for an Evil Rick (C-137) tattoo reflects a more edgy choice, symbolizing Rick’s darker facets and the potential for destruction within him. This character showcases the shadow side of Rick’s personality, adding depth to the tattoo’s meaning.

Pickle Rick Tattoo

Pickle Rick tattoo is both hilarious and iconic, symbolizing transformation, resilience, and out-of-the-box thinking. This image references one of the most memorable episodes where Rick turns himself into a pickle to evade family therapy. It represents the show’s ability to tackle serious themes in absurd ways.

Rick and Morty Duo Tattoo

A tattoo featuring Rick and Morty together represents their unique bond, contrasting personalities, and the whirlwind of interdimensional adventures they embark on. It celebrates their dynamic relationship, blending humor, and heartfelt moments.

Tiny Rick Tattoo

Tiny Rick tattoo, though grotesque, captures the humor and depth of Rick’s character. It symbolizes Rick’s manipulation and willingness to go to extreme lengths, even if it means transforming into a younger version of himself.

“Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!” Tattoo

Getting this phrase tattooed symbolizes a fan’s appreciation for the show’s humor and deeper themes. It’s a popular greeting in the series, signifying existential pain hidden beneath nihilistic humor.

“Get Schwifty!” Tattoo

Get Schwifty tattoo

This catchy phrase tattoo symbolizes the show’s absurdity and the characters’ ability to find joy and celebration in chaotic situations. It’s a fun and lively choice for fans who enjoy the show’s more outrageous moments.

"Nobody exists on purpose..." Tattoo

Deep and nihilistic, this quote tattoo resonates with those who ponder existential questions. It reflects Rick’s cynical worldview and invites contemplation about the meaning (or lack thereof) in life.

Rick’s Portal Gun Tattoo

A tattoo of the portal gun is an iconic symbol representing interdimensional travel, adventure, and the freedom to escape limitations. It encapsulates Rick’s penchant for exploration and discovery.

Plumbus Tattoo

This mysterious device tattoo symbolizes the show’s humor and nonsensical elements. It’s a quirky choice for fans who appreciate the absurdity of Rick and Morty’s universe.

Mr. Meeseeks Box Tattoo

A tattoo of the Mr. Meeseeks Box symbolizes both the desire for quick solutions and the consequences of seeking instant gratification. It’s a cautionary reminder of the pitfalls of shortcuts.

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo

Symbolizing the vastness and mystery of the multiverse, a spiral galaxy tattoo mirrors Rick’s interdimensional travels. It’s a visually stunning choice that captures the awe-inspiring scale of the show’s universe.

Brainwaves or DNA Strands Tattoo

Rick and Morty DNA tatto

Depicting either brainwaves or DNA strands in a tattoo represents Rick’s intellect, scientific prowess, and the complex nature of his character. It’s a subtle yet powerful nod to Rick’s genius.

Hourglass with Portal Background Tattoo

rick and morty hourglass tattoo

This tattoo captures the fleeting nature of existence and the ever-expanding multiverse. It’s a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Black and White Rick Illustration Tattoo

Highlighting Rick’s duality, a black and white illustration tattoo contrasts his good and bad sides. It’s a visual representation of the moral ambiguity that defines Rick’s character.

After Care Tips for Your New Tattoo

  • Keep it clean and dry: Wash the tattoo gently with unscented antibacterial soap and warm water 2-3 times a day for the first week. Avoid soaking it in baths, showers, or swimming pools for at least 2 weeks.
  • Pat it dry thoroughly: Don’t rub the tattoo, as this can irritate it. Use a clean, lint-free cloth or paper towel to gently pat it dry.
  • Moisturize regularly: Once the tattoo is dry, apply a thin layer of fragrance-free, oil-free moisturizer. Look for ointments recommended by your tattoo artist. Avoid petroleum jelly, as it can trap moisture and bacteria.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing: Tight clothing can irritate the tattoo and prevent it from healing properly. Wear loose, breathable clothing made from natural fibers like cotton.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Direct sunlight can damage the tattoo and make it fade. Avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least 4 weeks, and always use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when outdoors.
  • Don’t pick, scratch, or itch: This can damage the tattoo and increase the risk of infection. If the tattoo itches, resist the urge to scratch and gently pat it instead.
  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms: These can irritate the tattoo and hinder healing. Wait at least 4 weeks before using these facilities.

Why Get a Rick Sanchez Tattoo?

You might simply be a die-hard fan who wants to showcase your love for Rick and Morty in a permanent way. 

You might relate to Rick’s intelligence, cynicism, or even his troubled past, finding his character resonates deeply with you.

Getting a Rick tattoo can be a way to connect with other fans and create a shared experience within the community.

Rick’s quotes and actions can represent personal beliefs about the meaning of life and the absurdity of existence.

If you appreciate the show’s unique brand of dark humor and nonsensical situations, a Rick tattoo can be a constant reminder of the laughter it brings.

Personal Significance:

  • Transformation and Resilience: Pickle Rick’s image might symbolize personal experiences of overcoming challenges or adapting to difficult situations.
  • Family and Relationships: The bond between Rick and Morty could represent your own family relationships, even if they’re complex or unconventional.
  • Coping with Trauma: Some might find meaning in Rick’s nihilistic outlook as a way to cope with personal hardships or existential angst.