Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Egyptian tattoo designs, where ancient symbolism meets modern art. 

Unravel the deep meanings behind each captivating tattoo, exploring the cultural tapestry that has inspired people globally. 

From the timeless Ankh to the majestic Eye of Horus, join us in decoding the stories woven into these iconic designs, bridging the present to Egypt’s ancient past with “What Do Egyptian Tattoos Mean?”

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What Do Egyptian Tattoos Mean?

Meaning of an Ankh Tattoo

The Ankh, a timeless symbol, embodies the concept of eternal life, health, and well-being. Often associated with the god Osiris, who ruled the underworld, the Ankh serves as a powerful talisman, representing the cycle of life and death.

Meaning of the Eye of Horus Tattoo

Depicting the left eye of the falcon god Horus, the Eye of Horus symbolizes protection, good health, and royal power. Believed to ward off evil and bring good luck, this tattoo connects the wearer with the divine forces that watch over them.

Meaning of a Scarab Beetle Tattoo

The Scarab Beetle is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and the sun god Khepri. The scarab’s act of pushing a ball of dung mirrors the sun god’s daily journey, emphasizing the cyclical nature of life and the eternal renewal associated with this tattoo.

Meaning of an Egyptian Lotus Flower Tattoo

Emerging from muddy waters, the Lotus Flower represents purity, creation, and enlightenment. Its association with rebirth and the sun god Ra adds layers of meaning to this beautiful and meaningful tattoo.

Meaning of an Egyptian Bastet Tattoo

Bastet, the cat goddess, embodies protection, home, and family. Additionally associated with the sun and music, a Bastet tattoo can be a homage to the feline deity’s multifaceted role in ancient Egyptian culture.

Meaning of Sekhmet Tattoo Egypt

The lion goddess Sekhmet symbolizes power, destruction, and healing. As a protector of the pharaoh and a fierce warrior goddess, a Sekhmet tattoo can signify strength and a formidable spirit.

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Meaning of an Egyptian Isis Tattoo

Isis, a goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility, also serves as the protector of the dead and the queen of heaven. An Isis tattoo can symbolize a connection with the nurturing and magical aspects of life.

Meaning of an Osiris Tattoo

Representing the underworld, death, and rebirth, Osiris is a god who judges the dead and grants them access to the afterlife. An Osiris tattoo may signify a belief in the cyclical nature of existence and the journey beyond.

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Meaning of Thoth Tattoo

Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing, and magic, is credited with inventing hieroglyphics and protecting knowledge. A Thoth tattoo can be a tribute to the pursuit of wisdom and the transformative power of magic.

Meaning of an Anubis Tattoo

Anubis, the jackal-headed god, represents death, mummification, and the afterlife. Often depicted guiding the deceased into the underworld, an Anubis tattoo can serve as a guardian on the journey beyond.

Meaning of a Wren Tattoo

Associated with the god Re, the Wren symbolizes good luck, protection, and rebirth. A Wren tattoo may carry a message of positivity and the cyclical nature of life.

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The powerful Falcon, associated with the god Horus, symbolizes royalty, power, and the sun. A Falcon tattoo can signify a connection with the divine forces that govern leadership and strength.

Meaning of a Sphinx Tattoo

The Sphinx, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human or animal, represents power, mystery, and guardianship. A Sphinx tattoo may embody enigma and strength.

Meaning of an Egyptian Uraeus Tattoo

meaning of uraeus tattoo

Worn by pharaohs as a symbol of protection, royalty, and divine power, the Uraeus (cobra) is a potent icon in Egyptian culture. A Uraeus tattoo can symbolize authority and divine protection.

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The Djed Pillar represents stability, strength, and the spine of Osiris. Believed to provide support in the afterlife, a Djed Pillar tattoo can signify inner strength and resilience.

Meaning of the Shen Ring Tattoo

meaning of shen ring tattoo

Symbolizing eternity and infinity, the Shen Ring has no beginning or end, reflecting the cyclical nature of life and death. A Shen Ring tattoo can carry a profound message about the eternal aspects of existence.

Feather of Maat Egyptian Tattoo Meaning

meaning of feather of maat tattoo

Representing truth, justice, and the weighing of the heart in the afterlife, the Feather of Maat is a potent symbol. A tattoo featuring this feather signifies a commitment to ethical living and justice.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Tattoo Meaning

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs are a versatile element in tattoo design, allowing individuals to incorporate specific words, names, or phrases into their tattoos. Each symbol carries its own unique meaning, providing a personalized touch to the Egyptian-inspired design.

Why Get an Egyptian Tattoo?

Choosing an Egyptian tattoo is a decision fueled by a myriad of reasons, blending the personal and the cultural into a tapestry of meaningful expression. 

Personal Connection:

  • Fascination with Egyptian history and mythology: Picture the intrigue that arises from the depths of ancient Egypt. Many are captivated by its rich history, mythology, and culture. Opting for an Egyptian tattoo becomes a way to externalize this fascination, forming a tangible link to a bygone era.

  • Meaningful symbolism: Egyptian symbols carry profound meanings spanning life, death, protection, power, and more. The choice of a specific symbol can resonate deeply with one’s values or life experiences, transforming the tattoo into a personalized emblem of significance.

  • Aesthetics: Beyond meaning, the sheer visual appeal of Egyptian iconography plays a role. The intricate designs are not just visually striking but carry a profound beauty, making the tattoo not just a symbol but a piece of art.

Cultural Connection:

  • Heritage: For those with Egyptian roots, tattoos become a poignant means of connecting with cultural ancestry. It’s a celebration of identity, a permanent mark that echoes familial and historical ties.

  • Cultural appreciation: Even without direct ancestry, some are drawn to the splendor of Egyptian culture. Getting an Egyptian tattoo becomes a form of appreciation and respect, a nod to a civilization that has left an indelible mark on human history.

Other reasons:

  • Uniqueness: Egyptian tattoos possess a distinctive style and symbolism, making them stand out in the crowd. They become more than ink on skin; they are conversation starters and declarations of individuality.

  • Personal empowerment: The symbols and figures associated with Egyptian culture exude strength and resilience. Choosing an Egyptian tattoo becomes a personal affirmation, a representation of inner fortitude and positive qualities that resonate with the individual.

In essence, getting an Egyptian tattoo transcends mere body art; it’s a narrative etched in ink, weaving together personal tales and cultural echoes into a visually compelling and deeply meaningful masterpiece.


In conclusion, Egyptian tattoos offer a profound way to connect with the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of ancient Egypt. 

Each symbol carries a deep and nuanced meaning, allowing individuals to express their beliefs, values, and personal journeys through the artistry of tattooing. 

Whether it’s the eternal life represented by the Ankh or the wisdom embodied in Thoth, these tattoos serve as timeless reminders of the enduring legacy of one of the world’s greatest civilizations.