40 Colored Delicate Tattoos by Tattooist Nanci

In Tattoo Artists by Camille Anders

Korean tattoo artist Tattooist Nanci specializes in creating delicate tattoos using fine lines, colored ink, and splashes of watercolors.

Her tattoos mostly depict cute pets, flowers, space-inspired designs, handwritten words, and other minimalist pieces.

See below a selection of Tattooist Nanci’s delicate tattoos and check her Instagram for more designs.

1 Bellflower and Cross Tattoo on ForearmBellflower and Cross Tattoo on Forearm by Tattooist Nanci

2 Rabbit, Flowers and Blue Crescent Moon on AnkleRabbit, Flowers and Blue Crescent Moon on Ankle by Tattooist Nanci 3 Blue Ink Wave TattooBlue Ink Wave Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci

4 Color Lettering and Campanula Flowers 

5 Watercolor Pinwheel Tattoo on LegWatercolor Pinwheel Tattoo on Leg by Tattooist Nanci

6 Little Mermaid Tattoo on ThighLittle Mermaid Tattoo on Thigh by Tattooist Nanci

7  Sun and Moon Couple TattoosDelicate Tattoos by Tattooist Nanci

8 Emerald Tattoo on WristEmerald Tattoo on Wrist by Tattooist Nanci

9 Watercolor Azalea Flower TattooWatercolor Azalea Flower Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci

10 Gorgeous Anklet Dreamcatcher TattooGorgeous Anklet Dreamcatcher Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci