Korean tattoo artist Tattooist Nanci specializes in creating delicate tattoos using fine lines, colored ink, and splashes of watercolors.

Her tattoos mostly depict cute pets, flowers, space-inspired designs, handwritten words, and other minimalist pieces.

See below a selection of Tattooist Nanci’s delicate tattoos and check her Instagram for more designs.

1 Bellflower and Cross Tattoo on ForearmBellflower and Cross Tattoo on Forearm by Tattooist Nanci

2 Rabbit, Flowers and Blue Crescent Moon on AnkleRabbit, Flowers and Blue Crescent Moon on Ankle by Tattooist Nanci 3 Blue Ink Wave TattooBlue Ink Wave Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci

4 Color Lettering and Campanula Flowers 

5 Watercolor Pinwheel Tattoo on LegWatercolor Pinwheel Tattoo on Leg by Tattooist Nanci

6 Little Mermaid Tattoo on ThighLittle Mermaid Tattoo on Thigh by Tattooist Nanci

7  Sun and Moon Couple TattoosDelicate Tattoos by Tattooist Nanci

8 Emerald Tattoo on WristEmerald Tattoo on Wrist by Tattooist Nanci

9 Watercolor Azalea Flower TattooWatercolor Azalea Flower Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci

10 Gorgeous Anklet Dreamcatcher TattooGorgeous Anklet Dreamcatcher Tattoo by Tattooist Nanci