40 Abstract Blackwork Tattoo Designs by Violette Chabanon

In Tattoo Artists by Camille Anders

Violette Chabanon (aka violette_bleunoir) is a tattoo artist that lives and works in Paris. She completed a graphic arts degree and she joined the Bleu Noir tattoo parlor in 2013.

Violette’s pieces are made exclusively with black ink and dotwork technique and her designs are based on symmetry and geometry.

Her blackwork tattoo designs often depict marvelous animals and plants combined with highly contrasted and detailed graphic patterns which give them an abstract touch.

See below a selection of Violette’s blackwork tattoos and follow her on Instagram for more designs.

1 Japanese Inspired Blackwork TattooJapanese Inspired Blackwork Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

2 Blackwork and Dotwork Ananas TattooBlackwork and Dotwork Ananas Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

3 Island With Coconut Trees on Arm Island and Coconut Tree Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

4 Bird Tattoo on AnkleBird Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

5 Cute Maneki-Neko and Monstera Leaf Maneki-Neko and Monstera Leaf Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

6 Floral Mandala Tattoo on Shoulder Floral Mandala Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

7 Pretty Cactus Tattoo on BicepCactus Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

8 Tiger and Vegetation on Rib CageTiger and Vegetation Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

9 Creative Saturn and Cat TattooSaturn and Cat Tattoo by violette_bleunoir

10 Egyptian Tattoo on Forearm Egyptian Tattoo by violette_bleunoir