11 Seascape and Boat Inside HeartSeascape and Boat Inside Heart by dariastahp

12 Forrest Ghost Tattoo on TricepsForrest Ghost Tattoo on Triceps by dariastahp

13 Knife / Landscape Tattoo on ForearmKnife/Landscape Tattoo on Forearm by dariastahp

14 Green Hop Cone Tattoo Green Hop Cone Tattoo by dariastahp

15 Apollo 11 and Galaxy Tattoo on CalfApollo 11 and Galaxy Tattoo on Calf by dariastahp

16 Donnie Darko Tattoo on Leg Donnie Darko Tattoo on Leg by dariastahp

17 Sunset Scenery / Guitar TattooSunset Scenery/Guitar Tattoo by dariastahp

18 Hogwarts Scenery / Harry Potter’s Glasses TattooHogwarts Scenery/Harry Potter's Glasses Tattoo by dariastahp

19 Space Lollipop / Planet TattooSpace Lollipop/Planet Tattoo by dariastahp

20 Blue Diamond Tattoo on ArmBlue Diamond Tattoo on Arm by dariastahp