Justin Thomas is not just a name synonymous with excellence in golf; he’s also a figure whose personal life intrigues fans just as much as his professional accomplishments. 

Among the many aspects of his personal life that captivate his followers are his tattoos, each holding significant meaning and deep personal connections. 

Let’s take a quick look at the stories behind Justin Thomas’s tattoos and the heartfelt reasons he chose to get them.

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Tattoos of Justin Thomas, Where are They Located?

The first tattoo Justin Thomas got was a small tattoo on his left forearm, just below the elbow. 

This tattoo is a tribute to his family and consists of three vertical lines that represent himself, his mother, and his father. A horizontal line goes across the top to form a “T” for Thomas.

His second tattoo is a tattoo of his late grandfather’s signature on the inside of his right upper arm. 

His grandfather, Paul Thomas, was the first professional golfer in the family. Justin got this tattoo shortly before his grandfather’s death in 2017.

Tattoos of Justin Thomas, What Do They Mean?

Justin Thomas’s First Tattoo: A Family Tribute

justin thomas family tattoo tribute

Justin Thomas’s first tattoo, located on his left arm just below the elbow, is a touching homage to his family. 

This tattoo is elegantly simple yet profoundly meaningful: three vertical lines with a horizontal line on top, forming the letter “T” for Thomas. 

Each of the three lines represents a member of his immediate family – himself, his mother, and his father. The unifying line on top signifies the bond that holds them together as a family unit.

Thomas revealed the significance of this tattoo on Instagram, explaining that the design encapsulates the essence of his family’s unity and strength. 

This symbolic representation serves as a constant reminder of his roots and the support system that has been with him throughout his journey, both on and off the golf course.

Justin Thomas’s Second Tattoo: A Grandfather's Legacy

justin thomas second tattoo

The second tattoo Justin Thomas sports is equally poignant, dedicated to honoring his late grandfather, Paul Thomas.

Located on the inside of his right upper arm, this tattoo features his grandfather’s signature, an elegant and personal tribute to the man who was a pivotal figure in his life and career.

Paul Thomas was not only a beloved family member but also the first professional golfer in the Thomas family, paving the way for Justin’s career in golf. 

Before Paul’s passing in February 2024 at the age of 89, Justin decided to get his grandfather’s signature tattooed. 

The process involved a heartfelt interaction where Justin asked his grandmother to have Paul sign something specifically for this purpose. 

Despite the unusual request, the signature, reminiscent of Arnold Palmer’s distinct style, was obtained and became the tattoo that now graces Justin’s arm.

The tattoo holds a special place in Justin’s heart, symbolizing the legacy and inspiration his grandfather provided.

Who is Justin Thomas?

who is justin thomas

Justin Thomas is a really talented golfer from the U.S. He was born on April 29, 1993, in Louisville, Kentucky, and turned pro in 2013 after playing college golf at the University of Alabama. 

Back in college, he was a big deal, even winning the Haskins Award in 2012 for being the best collegiate golfer.

On the PGA Tour, he’s racked up quite a few wins, including major ones like the PGA Championship in 2017 and 2022. There have been times when he’s been ranked as the world’s number one golfer, which is pretty impressive.

He’s also been a key player in the U.S. teams for the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, helping them win several times. People admire him for his powerful drives and precise iron shots, not to mention his competitive nature.

Outside of golf, Justin is known for his good sportsmanship and philanthropy. He’s pretty active on social media too, sharing bits of his life and career. And then there are his tattoos, which have personal meanings and add an interesting layer to his public persona.


In short, Justin Thomas’s tattoos are more than just body art; they carry deep personal significance and offer a glimpse into the meaningful moments and values in his life. 

From honoring his family with his first tattoo to celebrating his grandfather’s legacy with his second, each piece of ink tells a unique story about his journey and the people who have shaped it. 

These tattoos not only mark his skin but also highlight the strong familial bonds and cherished memories that define him, adding an intriguing personal dimension to his public persona as an accomplished golfer.