Here are some tasteful and artistic tattoo design ideas that would work well as underboob tattoos for women:

  • Floral designs like roses, peonies, or cherry blossoms
  • Lace or mandala patterns
  • Inspirational words or short quotes
  • Flying birds, butterflies, or feathers
  • Moon phases or constellation designs
  • Elegant scrollwork
  • Heartbeat or lifeline

The key is to keep the design delicate, feminine, and meaningful. Placement should be carefully considered to ensure it flows with the curves of the body.

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try an underboob tattoo? These designs are becoming increasingly popular, and there are some truly creative and beautiful options out there.

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Boob & Underboob Tattoo Designs

1. Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam

This under-boob tattoo is just below the breast and draws inspiration from Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel. It is the Creation of Adam, one among many paintings found on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. You can make it your own tribute to the artist.

2. Leafy Adventures

Leafy Adventures Boob & Underboob Tattoo Design Ideas

A leaf-based under boob tattoo will bring you closer to nature. A leaf tattoo is a great choice. These delicate vines can take any shape you like and can be made in any size. These boob tattoos look great and fit perfectly around breasts.

3. Angel Wings Under Boob Tattoo

Angel Wings Under Boob Tattoo
Angel wings attached to the sternum make a great choice for under-boob tattoos. Because they take up so much space, this is why angel wings are so popular. This elegant underboob tattoo has a profound meaning. The angel wings symbolize faith, protection, courage, and strength.

4. The Half Mandala

The Half Mandala
Another popular option for under-breast tattoos is the mandala tattoo. It is symbolic of the universe’s structure and the circle of life. You can customize it to suit your needs. This is a versatile underboob tattoo that suits all.

5. Beautiful Roses

Colorful Roses
Many women who have had breast reconstruction tattoos after mastectomy surgery have found them helpful. These tattoos have gained immense popularity with women who had to go through this life-altering procedure. They can live happy life. They see more than just surgical scars when they look at their bodies.

6. Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo
The stunning snake tattooed under the boob represents strength, intelligence and adaptability. It symbolizes rebirth because a snake sheds its skin and emerges new. This tattoo design can be done in many different ways.

7. Floral Tattoo Under Boob

Floral Tattoo Under Boob
You don’t have to ink your entire breasts with a flowering vine, but you do not want to. This tattoo is very artistic and cute. This is an elegant design that you can choose.

8. Mighty Bird Tattoo

Mighty Bird Tattoo
If you’re looking for something that is both traditional and modern, the swallow under breast tattoos could be a great option. Because sailors believed these birds provided protection and luck at sea, swallows were a popular choice.

The modern swallow under boob tattoo design can be taken to signify freedom.

9. Lotus Mandala

Lotus Mandala
Inspired by the traditional mandala design, this beautiful lotus breast tattoo is under your breasts. Lotus is not only beautiful but also represents strength and peace. This beautiful tattoo choice for women has been in fashion for many years.

10. Watercolor Breast Tattoos

Watercolor Breast Tattoos
Watercolor tattoos are stunning, especially when they’re floral watercolor tattoo designs. When filled with watercolor color, delicate floral vines will come to life. Do you love art? This stunning piece of art is your canvas. This under boob tattoo is sure to be a hit.

11. Mistletoe Under Boob Tattoo

Mistletoe Under Boob Tattoo
Mistletoes don’t just belong to Christmas. They have a lot more meaning. They are a symbol for all things hope and friendship. It also symbolizes renewed life. It is inked hanging down from the sternum and makes a great under boob tattoo.

12. The Dainty Floral Tattoo

The Dainty Floral Tattoo
This under boob tattoo is perfect for beginners or those who just want to have fun. The delicate, delicate floral vines are delicate and small. They are also very beautiful and in keeping with the modern minimalist aesthetic.

13. Wasp Tattoo

Wasp Tattoo
Although it is a unique choice, a wasp tattoo under the boob is still stunning. You can have the smallest of designs or a grand design. You can make it as small or large as you like. The meaning of this tattoo is that it represents growth, development, management, and management in all forms of life.

14. Swallow With Roses

Swallow With Roses
This tattoo is an excellent representation of the spirit guide role that swallows play in our lives. These roses are more than a pretty addition. They also represent love, beauty and passion, as well as sacrifice. The under boob tattoo is beautiful and has profound meanings.

15. Colorful Blossoms

Colorful Blossoms
There are no limits to the number of flowers you can have. These colorful blooms are necessary to bring out the beauty and spirit of nature in your life. A popular option for under-the-arm tattoos is floral. There are many options for floral under boob tattoos.

16. Tribal Art

Tribal Art
This under-boob tattoo will fulfill all your symmetry desires. This tribal tattoo design frames the boob perfectly. It is elegant and beautiful. This design’s symmetry is eye-pleasing.

17. Lotus Breast Tattoos

Lotus Breast Tattoos
Did we mention that lotus breast tattoos are very popular? We’ll say it again. As they were in previous years, they are as popular this year. You have two options: you can get just a lotus, or you can add some more designs to it.

18. Deer and Vines Tattoo

Deer and Vines Tattoo
This unique deer tattoo under the boob is full of roses and thorns. The Deer symbolizes passion and loyalty. They are adaptable and great caretakers. This tattoo design is full of gothic vibes. Go live your Gothic dreams!

19. Medusa

It is not an easy choice to get the Medusa under your boob tattoo. This will make you stand out among the crowd. Medusa, the symbol of invincible female strength and the ultimate feminist symbol, is Medusa. She is believed to be the protector of womenkind. This tattoo is an ode to her as she is a survivor.

20. Floral Magic on the Ribs

Floral Magic on the Ribs
This year, under breast tattoos, are very popular. They cover both the side and the area below the breasts. They are like two breast tattoos in one. This one is stunning with its vibrant color and striking design.

21. Bunch Of Roses

Bunch Of Roses
Since the beginning of tattoos, roses have been a popular choice for tattoo designs. Because they looked to nature for inspiration, roses have been a common part of many tattoo designs. A beautiful bunch of roses looks great under a boob tattoo design. It’s not heavy and minimal.

22. Floral Fingers

Floral Fingers
Many under-breast tattoos include flowers. This one is our favorite. The flowers are covering the skeletal hands, which conveys that even though there is death there is still life. It speaks of the unending cycle between death and rebirth.

23. Orca Whale

Orca Whale
If you are looking for inspiration from nature, why not look deep into the ocean to get some underwater tattoo ideas? If you love the ocean, this orca whale tattoo will suit you. This will serve as a cute reminder of your love for the ocean.

24. Moth and Roses

Moth and Roses

This chic under-breast tattoo features a magnificent moth and two stunning roses. This design will make you forget all about the snarky memes about moths’ obsession with light. The moth is a symbol of all things positive.

In many cultures, they are seen as creatures that will help you find the light and away from the darkness.

25. Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Flowers
These watercolor flowers are the best choice for under-breast tattoos in 2018. Let your imagination run wild. There are many combinations of flowers that you can make. This is a minimalist aesthetic at its best.

26. Floral Mandala

Floral Mandala
The floral mandala is a lovely under-boob tattoo. It’s simple and elegant but has deep meanings. Many religions and cultures have great importance to mandala design.

It is the symbol of the circle and life. This is why mandalas are always shaped in a small circle at their center. They then expand in the same circular manner. This design inspired a floral mandala.

27. Boob Tattoos with Quotes

Boob Tattoos with Quotes
Another option for under-boob tattoos is to use quotes. You can have small or large quotes. You can use a phrase or even one word. You can use it as your mantra or inspire you. There are many routes you can take.

28. Rose under breast tattoo

Rose under breast tattoo
The rose tattoo under the breast is a favorite. This one is only for one breast, and it looks amazing. Did you know that roses represent the Greek goddess Aphrodite? Now you’re aware.

29. The wise owl

The wise owl
The Unalome symbol and the owl have great meaning in Hinduism. The Unalome symbol represents one’s journey, the challenges faced and overcome to get closer to their faith. Owls, on the other side, are a symbol for wisdom, knowledge and transition.

30. Vintage Flowers

Vintage Flowers
Do you remember those vintage floral prints? This under boob tattoo is a reminder of that. We love the fact that this design includes different flowers. Every flower is unique, from lotus to lavender.

31. Twin Floral Vines

Twin Floral Vines
You have probably seen many floral tattoos on one breast. This is an example of a beautiful black and grey under breast tattoo that can be used for both breasts. This design is symmetrical because the floral vines blend inwards towards its center.

32. Traditional Henna-Inspired Under Boob Tattoo

Traditional Henna-Inspired Under Boob Tattoo
The year is a time when inspiration for under-boob tattoos comes from everywhere. The world is obsessed with traditional henna designs, and Western countries have given it their own twist with henna tattoos that can be placed on different parts. This tattoo on the under boob is a continuation of an old trend that is still popular.

33. Dainty Flowers for One

Dainty Flowers for One
Keep it up. You can never have too many delicate florals. Why? They are very minimalistic, beautiful, and artistic. These delicate, elegant breast tattoos are simple and elegant.

34. The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye
This unique tattoo design for the under the breast is a variation on the All-Seeing Eye. The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence, represents God’s omnipresence. This means God watches over his creation.

35. Sunflower under Boob Tattoos

Sunflower under Boob Tattoos
We have never seen a more beautiful under boob tattoo than the sunflower. It is located in the middle of the sternum. This unique arrangement only contains half the flower. Although it may only be half the flower, it still delivers beauty and positive energy.

36. Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day
Under breast tattoos can be as simple or complex as you like. It will still look amazing. This quote tattoo is an example. You place the half-quote under one breast, and the other under the other. These are phrases that can be used to express a meaning, so you won’t have to use grammar when getting this tattoo.

37. The Sun and Moon Combo

The Sun and Moon Combo
This under-boob tattoo has both a modern and traditional look. This tattoo’s traditional feature is the combination of the sun & moon. These two symbols represent the merging of opposing forces and harmony.

Carpe diem means “seize your day“. This can be a great reminder to live in the moment. This design can also be personalized with the initials of loved ones.

38. Floral and Feathery

Floral and Feathery
When it comes to under-breast tattoo designs, feathers are a popular choice. Feather tattoos are versatile and can be combined with many other designs. This example has been combined with flowers to enhance the beauty of the entire design.

39. New Gothic Tattoo Under Boob

New Gothic Tattoo Under Boob
This is a great option if you’re looking for Goth-style under-breast tattoos. The classic tale of predator and prey is represented by the moth and bat. These tattoos can be a great design idea, and they come in many meanings.

40. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
As with all tattoo designs, under boob tattoos are open to inspiration from any location. This stunning design reminds us of Snow White’s mirror.

The mirror has a mysterious, magical appearance because of the way that different shades of blue are combined. The mirror’s background is inspired by wings. The contrast is created by the delicate, shiny jewels that hang from it.

41. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo
A mermaid tattooed under the boob is equal parts beauty, magic, and elegance. These under boob tattoos can be matched to the shape of the breasts. In this example, you can see how well the dive of a mermaid is inked around your breast.

42. Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis
This tattoo under the breast is an ode to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who was the goddess of the moon. She is the goddess of protection and healing, and she is also known as the goddess of the moon.

Her wings, headdress and throne are what make her easily identifiable. Rihanna, who also has a similar tattoo on her sternum, made this tattoo very popular.

43. Sweet and Dainty

Sweet and Dainty
Another example of an under-boob tattoo is this. This tattoo consists of several symbols that are arranged on a delicate chain-like piece. Here are some examples of symbols: Moon, lotus and Unalome. Any symbol can be chosen. Your zodiac sign can be added to the mix.

44. Unique Under Boob Tattoo

Unique Under Boob Tattoo
You have no limitations when it comes to tattoos under the boobs. Many designs can be created around the boobs because of this area. If you are looking for something more subtle, this under-boob tattoo is a great option.

45. Father Time

Father Time
A clock is a great way to fill up your sternum. Clocks are a popular tattoo that symbolizes the passing of time and our realization of it. To show something important to you, you can use the clock’s hands to indicate it.

46. Cute Dainty Chains

Cute Dainty Chains
This under-breast tattoo is a tribute to minimalist culture. This is the tattoo for you if minimalism is what you are looking for. The dainty necklace’s feather hanging from it looks elegant and beautiful.

47. A Quote and a Bow

A Quote and a Bow
You can choose your favorite quote, which is both short and meaningful if you don’t have any ideas for tattoos under the breasts. You can then wrap that quote with a bow. We don’t think so. This tattoo is wrapped in a bow and has a detailed design.

48. Three Little Angels

Three Little Angels
These little cherub angels make a great under-boob tattoo design. This design is inspired by old paintings. Cherub angels are a symbol of protection. This design can be used to represent your children since they are baby angels.

49. Angel Under Breast Tattoos

Angel Under Breast Tattoos
An angel is a symbol of God’s presence. An angel tattoo under the breast can be both stylish and a tribute to your faith. Angels can also be a symbol of guidance and protection.

50. Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond
If done in the same way as this one, diamonds make interesting under boob tattoos. This under boob tattoo captures the structure and shine of a diamond very well. It appears that the diamond is sitting on an inverted lotus. Both lotus and diamond are symbols of strength, perseverance, and endurance.

51. Flowers and a Honey Bee

Flowers and a Honey Bee
Under breast tattoos look great with flowers. To make your flowers more interesting, you can add other elements. A honey bee is a great companion for flowers. Many paintings depict a honey bee hovering above flowers to collect nectar. This tattoo would be amazing.

52. Soft Vines

Soft Vines
We’ve already spoken about mistletoes being more than Christmas. They symbolize hope and friendship because they are evergreen trees. They are also symbolic of growth and the unstoppable spirit. This version of mistletoes is delicate and elegant and sits nicely on the sternum.

53. Breast Reconstruction Tattoos

Breast Reconstruction Tattoos
Medical science has made great strides in modern times. Breast reconstruction surgery is an option for women after mastectomy. Breast reconstruction tattoos can be used to cover any scarring. This is a personal decision and can be seen as bringing happiness and confidence to women. You can also get a heart tattoo.

54. Skull Tattoo for Sternum

Skull Tattoo for Sternum
Popular choices for sternum tattoos include skulls. Skulls are often viewed as negative and morbid, but they can be a positive symbol of good fortune. Skulls represent death, mortality, and rebirth. You can decorate them with flowers, butterflies or other symbols of your choice.

55. An Ode to the Bee

An Ode to the Bee
You think of flowers when you think about bees. Spring is what you would think of. Spring is full of color. This under boob tattoo represents spring perfectly. This beautiful tattoo features beautiful flowers and bees in its center. It’s also a tribute to the honeybee, as, without them, nature may not be as beautiful.

56. Simple and sweet

Simple and sweet
This under-breast tattoo is simple, cute, and short. You can choose one word if you don’t like quotes, such as the tattoo shown here. The symbol of the sun has been added to the word “happiness”. The sun represents all that is positive, happy, light and positive. It couldn’t be a more perfect pairing.

57. Whale Tattoo

Whale Tattoo
The majestic whale is a powerful sea creature. It is amazing to meet one of these magnificent creatures. These colossal creatures can be made small by getting an under-boob tattoo.

58. Crown Of Thorns

Crown Of Thorns
Under breast tattoos are very popular and often include the theme of faith. To represent Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, you can choose a simple crown made of thorns. The symbolism of difficulties in life and the ability to overcome them are also represented by thorns.

59. Universal circles

Universal circles
Mermaids can be magical, and mystical and are creatures of legends. They are a fascination for us humans. A tattoo of mermaids under the boob is a stunning idea. This mermaid tattoo perfectly portrays their story of them.

60. Purple Flowers And Paper Birds

Purple Flowers And Paper Birds
When it comes to under boob tattoos, flowers and birds work well together. It is fine to choose something a little more unusual. This is an example of a tattoo that can be found under the boob.

This unique tattoo combines flowers and birds, but it is so distinctive. Pair the origami birds with round watercolor flowers and they look amazing.

61. In Memory of

In Memory of
They are more than just pretty. These tattoos can also be used to commemorate special occasions in your life. An under-belly tattoo can be inked to honor a deceased loved one. Just like the tattoo shown here, you can keep their initials or dates of birth and death close to your heart.

62. Moon Phases

Moon Phases
This is impressive under boob tattoo. The moon is associated with magic, death, rebirth and growth. The never-ending cycle between life and death is represented by the phases of the moon. This tattoo is very detailed and decorates the sternum well.

63. Majestic Angel Wings

Majestic Angel Wings

Angel wings are a symbol of all that is related to God, faith and protection. These make great tattoos under the boob. You can combine them with other designs. This under-boob tattoo is a great example of this. It doesn’t look magnificent to you?

64. A splash of Color

A splash of Color
Add a splash of rainbow to your under-breast tattoo. This simple leafy vine has been elevated with beautiful colors.

65. Back To Dinosaurs

Back To Dinosaurs
You can turn your obsession with dinosaurs, just like Ross Geller of Friends, into a tattoo design under the boob. It’s easy. You can pair your favorite dinosaur with flowers or other elements. If you prefer, the dinosaur can take center stage. You can do whatever you like.

66. Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote
If not quite close, the under breast area is almost at the heart. It is normal for some tattoos on the under breast to have some relationship with the heart. This is an example. It is stunning!

67. The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch
Harry Potter lovers will love this under boob tattoo. For Harry Potter fans who are devoted to the series, the golden snitch or the symbol of the deathly hallows is a dream come true.

68. Bejewelled Crown

Bejewelled Crown
An interesting option for under-the-breast tattoos is a bejeweled crown. The crown symbolizes royalty, the throne and all its powers. It also symbolizes strength and power. This is an interesting choice, right?

69. Fancy Floral Tattoo

Fancy Floral Tattoo
Another beautiful example of a breast-reconstruction tattoo. The tattoos here are not on the sternum, ribs or breasts. They are on the breast’s lower side. Red flowers are beautiful and can help you see past scars and struggles.

70. Beautiful Blue Roses

Beautiful Blue Roses
This under boob tattoo is unlike any other. They cover the entire sternum, and they don’t fail to impress. They create a serene, calm, and soothing image.

71. Floral Mandala

Floral Mandala
Mandala, a Sanskrit term that means circle, is also known as Mandala. It is also believed to represent the circle of life. The floral mandala is shaped like a flower, but it expands in a circular fashion just like traditional mandalas. A popular choice for under-boob tattoos is the floral mandala.

72. Moon and Pentagrams

Moon and Pentagrams
This under boob tattoo is perfect for those who love Sabrina and her adventures through hell.

73. Beautiful Lotus Tattoo

Beautiful Lotus Tattoo
The lotus symbolizes strength, perseverance, purity, and peace. It is a common part of many under-boob tattoos. This one was our favorite. The soothing color scheme is striking. It is not only serene, but it also compliments the lotus symbolism.

74. Leo Under Breast Tattoos

Leo Under Breast Tattoos
The zodiac signs can also be used as inspiration for tattoos on the breasts, just like nature. This is an example of such a tattoo. The king of the jungle is a lion. It is a symbol of leadership, courage and strength. Even if you’re not a Leo, it can make a great tattoo choice.

75. Dainty Watercolor under Boob Tattoos

Dainty Watercolor under Boob Tattoos
These delicate watercolor tattoos will draw you in. This under-boob tattoo looks delicate, pretty, and very ethereal.

76. Skull And Butterfly

Skull And Butterfly
If you want something larger than a high, there is an option for an under boob. The skull is associated with death and the butterfly behind it represents transformation. This could be understood to signify that for every death, there is also a new life. The eye is the eyes of God, who sees all of us.

77. Heart Of Diamond

Heart Of Diamond
This stunning diamond heart tattoo is a favorite of ours. This stunning under-breast tattoo looks amazing when it’s placed with black ink wings.

78. Word Tattoo

Word Tattoo

Sometimes, the simplest tattoos can have the greatest meaning. A word tattoo can be a powerful symbol.

You could choose to ink the name of someone you love, or something that resonates with your heart. It could be a reminder to be courageous or strong. It could also be something you want to be, such as happy, free and joyful.

There are many languages and options available, so think about your needs and choose something that you feel most at home with.

79. Lavender Underboob Tattoo

Lavender Underboob Tattoo

Because of its shape, a lavender tattoo is an excellent choice for under-the-boob work. It is also a beautiful choice visually since the plant symbolizes purity and serenity. This design looks best when inked in color.

The purple hues enhance the beauty and symbolism of the design. It is often associated with luxury and royalty. You can also associate lavender with romance, endless love, devotion, and romance.

80. Cool Underboob Tattoo

Cool Underboob Tattoo

It doesn’t matter what tattoo you get on your underboob, it is sure to be cool. This is a unique placement that draws attention to the most intimate part of a woman’s body and expresses femininity and sensuality.

There are many options available, including simple and delicate pieces as well as bold and striking pieces that really stand out.

Consider why you are inking here and what words or images hold significance to you before you decide on the design. You can even draw your tat yourself.

You can also work with a tattoo artist to create something unique and beautiful that you are proud of. If you display it, it will be a conversation starter.

81. Jewel Underboob Tattoo

Jewel Underboob Tattoo

It is equally important to choose the right location for your body art. A jewel tattoo looks great when placed under the breast. The piece can be created with the gemstone in the center of your chest and the detailing below it. This can create a dramatic and stunning effect.

A gem can symbolize strength and determination. However, meanings can vary depending on the stone chosen. A diamond, for example, is associated with purity, and love, and a ruby is associated with passion and nobility.

82. Bird Underboob Tattoo

Bird Underboob Tattoo

If you look up at a bird flying in the sky, you might be amazed at its ability to fly anywhere they wish. Because of their rich symbolism, bird tattoos are a very popular choice for both men and women. They often symbolize freedom and courage.

This tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wishes to remind themselves of their freedom from the limitations of the world. This is a great option for anyone who has a desire to travel. There are many birds that you can choose from.

Each bird has a different meaning. Eagles, for example, are associated with patriotism and bravery. A hummingbird tattoo, on the other hand, is associated with beauty and good luck as well as strength, resilience, hard work, and strength.

83. Lace Underboob Tattoo

Lace Underboob Tattoo

For any woman, lace tattoos can be beautiful and symbolic. Your inking will look cool with the delicate patterns. However, lace is associated with purity and innocence as well as a symbol of female sexuality. It can remind you of lingerie making it a very attractive and sexy option.

Depending on what meaning you want to convey, it can be combined with other images. You could include a butterfly to symbolize freedom and transformation, or a jewel to show loyalty and love.

84. The antique patterns

The antique patterns

This is a rare art. This exotic art is full of beauty. To get such a beautiful pattern inked, you will need to hire someone. This case requires perfection.

85. The eye with tribal art

The eye with tribal art

These designs are truly amazing, and they can be combined with folk arts. Anyone who sees these designs will be stunned at the beauty and bulkiness. The eye between the two is also like a god’s eye, watching all things.

86. Geometrical chandelier

Geometrical chandelier

The beautiful lighting fixture, or a stunning chandelier, is made with geometrical designs. This tattoo’s significance can be explained by the unique light spreading characteristic and the purpose of a chandelier.

87. The netted bikini design

The netted bikini design
The Underboob tattoo is very sensuous and much more noticeable. This bikini-style tattoo will make your partner crazy if you’re trying to seduce him.

88. Traditional lamps

Traditional lamps
Each country and every community has its own traditions and arts. You can easily make tattoo designs from these traditional designs, as well as other unique patterns and images. As shown in the image. This image has a beautiful design and a traditional touch.

89. Broken feathers are a sign of a bird’s distress

Broken feathers are a sign of a bird's distress
A feather is an unattached part of a bird’s wings. A feather’s identity is lost when it becomes detached from its body. The tattoo encourages you to get up every day and do your best.

90. Flower vase

Flower vase
The Underboob is well-suited for the flower vase tattoo design. The design of the vase is eye-catching, with the top covered in lotus flowers and similar flowers at its bottom. It will attract everyone.

Other Underboob Tattoo Ideas

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Many women are choosing to get tattoos in places that are traditionally considered to be sexy or erotic. One of these places is the underboob. Underboob tattoos can be small and discreet, or they can be large and elaborate. Regardless of the size or design, underboob tattoos are a hot new trend.