Virat Kohli, the maestro of cricket, is not just known for his exceptional skills on the field but also for his intriguing collection of tattoos that adorn his body. 

Each tattoo tells a story, symbolizing different aspects of his life’s journey and inner beliefs. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the meanings behind Virat Kohli’s tattoos, unraveling the layers of significance that lie beneath the ink.

Virat Kohli Tattoos with Meaning

Tribal Art: Symbolizing Aggression

virat kohli tribal forearm tattoo

The journey of tattoos on Kohli’s body began with a piece of tribal art inked on his right forearm. Initially chosen for its coolness factor, this tattoo now symbolizes his aggressive approach towards the game and life, reflecting his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Lord Shiva: Embracing Destruction for Rebirth

virat kohli shiva tattoo

A prominent tattoo on his left forearm depicts Lord Shiva, meditating on Mount Kailash with Lake Mansarovar in the background. For Kohli, Shiva represents destruction, not in a negative sense, but as a necessary process for rebirth and personal growth. It reflects his desire to eliminate inner obstacles and emerge as a better version of himself.

Scorpio: Embracing Astrology and Identity

virat kohli scorpio tattoo

As a firm believer in astrology, Kohli proudly displays his zodiac sign, Scorpio, on his right bicep. This tattoo not only represents his astrological identity but also signifies traits associated with Scorpios such as intensity, determination, and resilience, which resonate with his persona both on and off the field.

Parents’ Names: Honoring Roots and Family

virat parents name tattoo

In a touching tribute to his parents, Kohli has their names tattooed on his body, signifying the profound influence they have had on his life. It’s a constant reminder of his roots, values, and the unbreakable bond he shares with his family.

Milestones: Capturing Career Achievements

virat kohli 175 269 tattoo

Two numbers, 175 and 269, etched on Kohli’s body, commemorate significant milestones in his cricketing career. They represent his ODI and Test debut, respectively, serving as timeless reminders of his journey from a promising talent to a cricketing legend.

Monastery and Japanese Samurai: Seeking Peace and Virtue

virat kohli samurai tattoo

The imagery of a monastery and a Japanese Samurai reflects Kohli’s quest for inner peace and adherence to values such as courage, honesty, and loyalty. These tattoos signify his spiritual journey and the importance of maintaining balance and integrity in life.

God’s Eye: Symbol of Guidance and Humility

virat kohli eye tattoo

A giant disembodied eye inked on his shoulder symbolizes an omnipresent force guiding Kohli’s path and keeping him grounded amidst success and fame. It’s a reminder to stay humble, connected to his roots, and focused on his goals.

Om: Embracing Universality and Peace

virat kohli om tattoo

The sacred symbol of Om adorns Kohli’s left tricep, representing the universal essence that transcends individuality and connects all beings. It serves as a source of peace, grounding him in the present moment and reminding him of the greater purpose beyond individual achievements.

Geometric Flower Design: A Symbol of Spiritual Journey

virat kohli geometric tattoo

The latest addition to Kohli’s tattoo collection is a stunning floral art, symbolizing his spiritual journey and inner growth. Designed by renowned tattoo artists, this intricate piece serves as a powerful reminder of his evolution as a person and his continued quest for self-discovery.

How Many Tattoos Does Virat Kohli Have on His Body?

Virat Kohli sports a significant collection of tattoos, totaling 12.

These tattoos hold personal meaning for the cricketer, representing various aspects of his life and journey.

Some notable ones include his parents’ names, his zodiac sign (Scorpio), and spiritual symbols like “Om” and Lord Shiva.