Jeon Jungkook, the youngest member of the global sensation BTS, is not just known for his enchanting voice and electrifying performances but also for his expressive tattoos. 

Each piece of ink on his body is a testament to his journey, beliefs, and the undying bond he shares with his fans, known as ARMY. 

In a country where tattoos are still navigating societal acceptance, Jungkook’s boldness in showcasing his art has sparked conversations and possibly even a shift in perception.

What Do The Tattoos on jungkook mean?

Initially, fans caught glimpses of small, intriguing tattoos on Jungkook’s hand, marking the beginning of his inked journey.

Among the first to be noticed were the letters spelling out “ARMY” across his knuckles, a heartfelt tribute to the fandom that has supported BTS through their ascent to global stardom.

Over time, Jungkook has gradually revealed more of his tattoos, culminating in a sleeve that narrates stories through ink.

The evolution of his tattoos mirrors his growing comfort and confidence in sharing more of himself with the world.

His decision to be more open about his tattoos signifies a deeper acceptance of his own identity, as well as an acknowledgment of the unwavering support from ARMY.

Jungkook’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Jungkook’s ARMY Tattoo

jungkooks army tattoo

Spelled out across his knuckles, this tattoo is Jungkook’s direct homage to the fans. It symbolizes the integral role the fandom has played in BTS’s journey, highlighting a bond that transcends music.

Jungkook’s Microphone Tattoo

jungkook's microphone tattoo

A symbol of his life as an artist, the microphone tattoo underscores Jungkook’s passion for music and performance. It’s a nod to his career and the voice he uses to connect with fans worldwide.

Jungkook’s Tattoo for Polyc

jungkooks polyc tattoo

In a rare gesture of appreciation, Jungkook has a tattoo dedicated to his tattoo artist, POLYC. This speaks volumes about the trust and significance of the artist’s role in Jungkook’s journey of self-expression through tattoos.

Jungkook’s “7” Tattoo

jungkooks 7 tattoo

Located behind his ear, the ‘7’ tattoo is a powerful tribute to the members of BTS. It represents unity, solidarity, and the shared path they’ve walked together, overcoming challenges and celebrating successes.

Jungkook’s Skeleton Hand Tattoo

skeleton hand tattoo

This colorful artwork adds a vibrant edge to Jungkook’s collection, symbolizing perhaps the multi-faceted nature of human existence or the duality of life and death.

Jungkook’s “Bulletproof” Tattoo

eye no more tattoo

Covering a previous tattoo with a reference to “We Are Bulletproof PT. 2,” this piece is a nod to BTS’s early work and their journey of resilience and defiance in the face of challenges.

Jungkook’s BTS Logo Tattoo

jungkook bts tattoo

Symbolizing the door to BTS’s world, the logo tattoo is a declaration of Jungkook’s identity as a part of the group, showcasing pride in their shared achievements and the journey they’ve embarked on together.

Jungkook’s Emoji Tattoo

jungkooks' emoji tattoo

Even in something as simple as an emoji tattooed on his finger, Jungkook communicates his playful side and perhaps a lighter approach to life, embracing joy in small forms.

Jungkook’s Tattoos: Beyond the Ink

In South Korea, where tattoos are still subject to societal scrutiny, Jungkook’s decision to openly display his tattoos marks a significant step towards challenging norms and initiating dialogue about personal freedom and expression.

As a member of BTS, a group that has not only conquered the music world but also broken cultural barriers, Jungkook’s tattoos serve as an extension of his and the group’s influence—encouraging acceptance and understanding.


Jungkook’s tattoos are more than just body art; they are a narrative of love, loyalty, personal growth, and the embracing of one’s true self.

With each inked symbol, he tells a story, shares a piece of his soul, and further strengthens the bond with his fans.

In doing so, Jungkook continues to inspire conversations around creativity, identity, and cultural acceptance, proving that sometimes, the most profound messages are those written on the canvas of our skin