Footballing sensation Paulo Dybala isn’t just known for his dazzling footwork and goal-scoring prowess. 

A closer look reveals a man adorned with a collection of intriguing tattoos. 

Each design, etched onto his skin, sparks curiosity. Are they personal tributes, cultural symbols, or simply artistic expressions? 

This article delves into the world of Dybala’s tattoos, deciphering the potential meanings behind each piece and offering a glimpse into the man himself.

How Many Tattoos Does Paulo Dybala Have?

Paulo Dybala has at least four tattoos that we know of, adorning his arm, ribs, and legs. Here’s what they are; a band on his left arm, the Arabic inscription of his mothers name on his ribs and his fathers name on the left calf, and a tattoo of a football with a crown on the inside of his left calf.

Paulo Dybala Tattoo Meanings?

Here’s what each tattoo of Paulo Dybala symbolizes;

Left Arm Band

dybala arm band tattoo

This is a black and gray geometric tattoo that wraps around his lower left arm. While the exact meaning remains undisclosed, Dybala himself has stated in interviews that he got it because he liked the aesthetic and was inspired by a teammate who had a similar design. Some speculate it resembles a bracelet used by ancient Roman warriors, but Dybala hasn’t confirmed this meaning.

Left Calf Football with Crown

football crown tattoo dybala

On the inside of his left calf, Dybala has a tattoo of a football with a crown on top. This one is a more straightforward tribute to his passion for the sport and his achievements on the field. The tattoo was done by a tattoo artist named Noel in Cordoba City.

Arabic Script on Left Ribs of His Mother’s Name

dybala mothers name tattoo

Located near his heart on the left side of his ribs, Dybala has a tattoo in Arabic script. This one holds more personal significance, as it spells out his mother’s name, “Alice.”

Vertical Arabic Script of Right Leg

paulo dybala arabic leg tattoo

Finally, there’s a vertical tattoo on Dybala’s left leg which is in the Arabic script of his fathers name, Adolfo.

Who is Paulo Dybala?

who is paulo dybala

Paulo Dybala is a decorated Argentinian footballer who currently plays for both the Italian club AS Roma and the Argentina national team. 

Recognized for his exceptional dribbling, speed, and finishing skills, he earned the nickname “La Joya” (The Jewel) during his peak performances.

Club Career:

  • Early Career (2011-2012): Dybala began his professional career in Argentina’s second division with Instituto de Córdoba in 2011.
  • Palermo (2012-2015): At the young age of 18, Dybala’s talent caught the eye of European clubs, leading him to sign with Italian side Palermo in 2012. He impressed in Serie B, contributing to their championship win and promotion to Serie A.
  • Juventus (2015-2022): Dybala’s impressive performances in Serie A with Palermo secured him a transfer to the mighty Juventus in 2015. Here, he flourished alongside legends like Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon. During his time at Juventus, Dybala achieved immense success:
    • Serie A Champion: He was part of the Juventus squad that won a remarkable five consecutive Serie A titles (2015-2019).
    • Coppa Italia Winner: Dybala lifted the Coppa Italia trophy four times with Juventus (2015-2018).
    • Individual Accolades:
      • Serie A Most Valuable Player (2019-2020)
      • Serie A Team of the Year (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2019-2020)
      • Ranked as Juventus’ 9th highest all-time goalscorer.
  • AS Roma (2022-Present): In 2022, Dybala joined AS Roma, a fellow Serie A club, embarking on a new chapter in his career.

International Career:

Dybala made his senior Argentina debut in 2015 and has since become a regular for the national team. He has over 30 caps to his name and has represented Argentina at major tournaments like:

  • 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • 2019 Copa América
  • 2022 FIFA World Cup (Champion)

Should You Get A Paulo Dybala Tattoo?

Deciding on whether you should get one of Paulo Dybala’s tattoos is a personal choice. However, considering his tattoos, not all would make sense to everyone. 

For example, if you’re a fan of football or are a player itself, then getting the football with a crown tattoo that he has on his left calf would make sense. 

Similarly, if your mother’s name is Alice or father’s name is Adolfo then having their names done in an Arabic font makes sense.

The same goes with the bands on the arm. It generally symbolizes strength and resilience and unity, so if you’re someone that feels these characteristics describe your personality, go for it.


In conclusion, Paulo Dybala’s collection of tattoos offers a glimpse into his personality and priorities. 

While some designs hold deep meaning, like the tribute to his mother and father, others reflect a more aesthetic choice. 

This balance between personal significance and visual appeal makes his body art intriguing. 

As Dybala’s career continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see if he adds new tattoos that shed further light on his life and motivations. 

One thing is certain: his existing ink provides a unique window into the world of this talented footballer.